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Friday, November 07, 2008

Adding LED ZEPPELIN to Birthday Wish List

Led Zeppelin Definitive Collection Mini LP Replica Limited Edition Box Set being released November 11th! Listing price is $199.98 (ouch!) but preorder through Amazon for $139.99!
2008 twelve CD box set from Led Zeppelin featuring all ten albums in beautiful mini-LP reproductions! The Led Zeppelin 40th Anniversary Cardboard Sleeve Reissue Series features advanced cardboard sleeve replicas of the original UK E-style album jackets, plus six bonus cardboard sleeves including five alternate jackets for In Through The Out Door and one alternate jacket for Led Zeppelin I utilizing the original ink. From their 1969 debut album straight through to their final album in 1979, Zeppelin laid the blueprint for what is now known as Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It really doesn't get better than this!. Warner. 2008.
Obviously if YOU really want to get me something, anything from here will do. Or if that's not easy enough I've laid it out for you straight on my Amazon Wish List. Now go buy me some stuff!


tom said...

no offense, but spending $150 on an album that contains songs that you already have on probably 50 other albums?

Sounds like an awesome buy. of course it is Zep, so i suppose you can't go wrong.

Joey said...

No I agree...I won't be buying it. I'm hoping someone will buy it for me. I definitely don't NEED it. Since I have all their CD's and box sets but as a Fanatic I MUST have it. So maybe one day.

tom said...

i hear you. Maybe if you are extra good, Jory Claus will hook you up

Jory said...

Sheesh did anyone catch the licence plate number of that bus that Tom just pushed me in front of?

tom said...

Whatever, you're rich. Besides if im not mistaken, aren't video games these days like $60 a pop? You can handle a Zep box set.

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