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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fuck Weeds!

Once again, it was time to remove all the fucking weeds from the back yard. We had done the front yard a few weeks back and had been working on burning them once they dried out, we're still not finished.

Keara and I(Jory doesn't Do yardwork lol!) were determined to take back our backyard from the damn Black Widows who have taken up residence. After about 4 hours of back-breaking work, we had to stop. We made it half way and when we finish it, I'll post a final After picture because I know how much you care. ;) Maybe this spring we'll have another large stash of money to finally landscape, but don't hold your breath.

Not quite a full before picture, we had been working for over an hour by the time I remembered the camera. We had only created one large pile by then, see upper left corner.

Keara made me take this to prove I was there. Serious sweating.

Camera shy Keara taking a break

One of the three huge piles of weeds

The second large pile shown below on the right
We made some serious progress

Half the backyard left to go

Weeds are fun to photograph

After I pulled this weed up I felt bad because it's actually pretty

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