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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fuck You Shrub Lovers...Obama Won!

I knew it would happen, but it feels so good for it to be over (well over enough for me to celebrate). Obviously all the votes will be counted, but there is no question this is a landslide!

Obama's speech will be remembered forever, Tears People, in my eyes! For the first time in a long time I felt Proud to be an American and hopeful for our future. There is no doubt history was made today and I'm proud to be a part of it!

Enjoy our Election Day photos

Getting organized at 7 in the morning is not the easiest thing.

Proposition Persistence

The guy on the right asked if I was voting Yes on Prop 102 for marriage (to be defined as one man and one woman) and I laughed and said "OH HELL NO!" I believe in equal rights, Thank You Very Much!

Jory getting his morning dew on.

He made me take one of myself, since I'm always shooting him.



Jory said...

You may have known it would happen...I was skeptical...There should be a caption on the "I Voted" picture of me...explaining the prosthetic nose and finger and how I was just trying to imitate a Rethug 'examining' the issues.

PS-Love you too!

tom said...

i was a good speech. I also really thought McCain's speech was good, probably the best one he gave all campaign. Our country is STILL in the shitter! Hopefully, everyone can get over all these bad feelings and start getting stuff done. W was all about division and look where that got us. Obama is all about change, and i think this is one issue that needs changing first thing.

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