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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hi, My name is Joey and I'm a Geek.

First off, what retard still drives a Hummer? Since we bought our 2008 Honda CRV "Lucy Version 2.0" I have been amazed at what great gas mileage it gets compared to my previous 1997 "Lucy". I had always enjoyed an average of 22 mpg, but with Lucy 2.0 so far I've got it up to 43 mpg with an average of 30 mpg (city/hwy mixed). We're talking about a SUV people!

Which would you choose to drive?

I took this photo on my third trip to Fry's Electronics in the last 2 weeks. I'm telecommuting from home every Tuesday for work (YAY!) and working on a laptop without a separate keyboard and mouse will drive a person crazy! Out of the 4 keyboards we have kickin' around the crib, not one was USB. Not to mention the only working USB mouse in the house has been on it's last leg for some time now. And with my headset taking the first USB port, the mouse would then take the 2nd port, leaving no other ports to plug a keyboard into. So anyway bore bore bore, you're getting so bored.....I needed to buy: wireless mouse, USB hub and a USB to PS2 adapter.

First purchase was the wireless mouse, during my lunch on my first Telecommuting day I ran over to Officemax and picked this one up.

A few days later I went to Fry's (the first trip) to pick up a USB to PS2 adapter for $1.99 so I could plug in my keyboard to my laptop. But I wasn't paying much attention, being surrounded by all sorts of geeky computer gear can over stimulate someone like myself. I found myself immersed in external hard drives, specifically a 1TB Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet. When I saw it on sale for $139.99 I almost wet myself. We've been researching online for a while now and I had not seen anything cheaper then $169. I called Jory and got the OK to purchase it and I went home.

The next Tuesday morning I pulled out the adapter and grabbed one of our extra keyboards hanging around and realized I had bought a Female USB to PS2, MOTHER FLOWER! I obviously needed a Male adapter...GRRRR.

A few days later I went back to Fry's (2nd trip) and picked up the correct Male adapter.

You'd think by now I would try it before my Tuesday Telecommuting morning, but you're wrong. I pull out the ol' work laptop, grab my super kool wireless mouse, usb hub, keyboard and adapter and start setting up. After everything is all plugged in and computer is running, the adapter wasn't being recognized. I read online that they only work with come keyboards...good to know now.

Anyway, now that this post is way too boring for even my taste and I'm SO OVER it...blah!

I ended up buying a new wireless keyboard which happen to come with a wireless mouse. So now we have two wireless mice (technically 3 because we already had one for our laptop, but somehow that slipped my mind until I purchased #3).

I promise to never again post anything as boring as this was. I'm sorry. I'm only publishing it because I spent three days working on it which is totally ridiculous!

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