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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jory says I'm Officially Old!

While channel surfing today I stopped on the Home Shopping Network, which I never EVER do, I swear! I don't know what com-pulsed me to do it, gift ideas for the holidays maybe? I don't know. They were showing this: Bissell Steam Mop with Carpet Attachment for $69.95 as Today's Special.

After watching the demonstration I turned to Jory and told him, I had to have it! And then I giggled, because Who buys stuff off TV? Old people buy stuff off TV! But I was serious, I wanted it and Jory knew I was serious. I jumped up, went into the office and got online to do my homework and found that Walmart & Amazon carry it for $4 cheaper but they don't have the carpet attachment. And while watching the presentation, the HSN ladies were taking calls from satisfied customers and they were all complaining that theirs didn't come with the carpet attachment and how it's not available anywhere else. So if I'm going to order it, then I'm going to get the damn carpet attachment too!

Check out the'll want one too!

Of course I totally ordered it! My very first HSN purchase! I'm officially old. When it arrives (Dec. 10th) I'll review it and let you know if it works as good as they say it does.


April said...

I have a friend whose company sells products on HSN and QVC, and she told me that the majority of their customers are no longer skewing older, but younger and younger. So you're really part of a trendsetting!

Joey said...

Awesome! Can't wait to rub that in Jory's face. ha ha

tom said...

You ARE old! Happy Belated B-Day!

Jory said...

HAHAHA, justify it all you want! Tom and I say welcome to the ranks ladies (just think, this benchmark between old and REALLY OLD is as long as we are currently old)! This is the halfway mark for times when we aren't (for the most part) shitting ourselves or having someone feed us blended food. I just thank gawd that I am only the "creepy old guy" at work and not in any other public forum. Well, outside of "cyberspace" on the "inter-webs" that is.

Joey said...

Like I said the other night...If I'm old now, you are really old. ;)

creepy tom said...

no, i'd say Jory is the "creepy old guy" just about everywhere. We should create the "Creepy Old Guy League" and make it our mission to creep out as many people as possible! Start recruiting...

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