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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Telecommuting Tuesday

View from my office window. It's not as dark out to the right as the picture displays, it was taken with my camera phone and we have energy efficient windows so they have a dark tint to them.
But I must say this is a much better view then my everyday cubicle.

And yes, our yard is still just dirt. At least the front is weed free, Thanks to Keara for helping me the past few weekends. The backyard is a whole other story.

It's as if we live in the desert...har har! Yes we live in the desert and we get some crazy ass weeds! If we don't stay up on it...which we haven't yet, it turns into the scary scene above (since we haven't landscaped yet). Then I have to spend my entire weekend weed eating the damn thing and it's not a small backyard! At least the weeds are dying, they will be much easier to pull up then live.

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