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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peace Out 2008

In case I don't find the energy to post when I get home, I'll put a few words down now.

I'm sorry for the ranting and crazy posts, you know which one I'm talking about. Sometimes I have to vomit that shit out of my head, otherwise I might really go crazy. I'm So not joking. Part of my emotional insanity right now is being festered by my intense body aches and constant exhaustion. I just assumed I was getting the flu, but after complaining to a couple friends, they brought up The Dreaded Mono. The aches started while we were in Freezing Ass Cold Utah and I figured once we got home to our own bed and my body warmed up, I'd feel better. That day hasn't come and I'm feeling worse every hour. Last weekend my back (which always aches due to the size of "my ladies") was so bad, I decided to take a Vicodin (left over from my Mono aches). I finally found peace and could comfortably relax on the couch without constantly changing least for a few hours.

Last night I took another Vicodin, but decided I should just try to go to bed since I was already falling asleep on the couch. Around 5:00 AM, I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat. A Puddle. Of Sweat! I'm not kidding, it was gross. Night sweats is also a part of Mono. When I was out this summer with Mono, I would literally soak through my pillows! PLEASE PLEASE don't let me have Mono again. I know it's quite likely, stress can bring it back in a pinch. I will be making a doctor's appointment very soon, just to check. I just thought the stress and grief of losing my dad was causing me to feel like I couldn't get enough sleep, I've been napping on my lunches since I got back as well. I really do Not want Mono to raise it's ugly head again, but I'm not sure I have a choice in this matter.

So overall 2008 will be remembered as the year of the Continuation of the Utah Curse:
2008's Triple Threat: Pneumonia, Bronchitis, & Mono all from one trip.

And the extremely painful loss of my dad, which I'm still not ready to write about, as far as feelings go.

AND...the exciting yet stressful early arrival of Sara & Carl's Little Cree Princess Aysa on Christmas Eve. The strong and feisty little "Nugget" is doing great and should be joining her parents home soon enough.

Crossing fingers for a better year in 2009.

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It has to be better!

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