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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Letters from the inbox Part 4

I am writing to you in regard to your code of business conduct. My wife works for a company who purchases a considerable amount of product from *company name. recently, she was introduced to one of your "Sales Managers" at her place of business. This man contacted her, invited her to have lunch with him on a business level. After driving her around town, lunch was canceled and what I consider to be extremely unprofessional and inappropriate conduct ensued in the back seat of his vehicle at the local lake. After studying your procedures and policies, I believe that this is outside the guidelines of what is deemed to be acceptable in the scope of your business model. Is this a situation that *company name would be interested in dealing with, or is this just basic run-of-the-mill daily operation that the company turns a blind eye to?

Dear Husband of Jezabel The Harlet,

Sounds like your wife met our star "Sales Manager" Don J. DeMarco he's really great with the ladies (wink wink). Treating our customers to lunch is definitely a part of our "procedures", however what your wife chooses to do in the back seat of his vehicle at the local lake is definitely none of our business. However if you consider this kind of personal treatment "run-of-the-mill" then I wonder what your definition of Exceptional Customer Service is, a fancy hotel room?

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