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Friday, January 16, 2009

Surgery is Scheduled

Received word today that surgery #3 is scheduled for Thursday, February 19th. They will biopsy and laser my cysts, scraping and removing the Endometriosis and removing the adhesion that is connecting my wandering left ovary to my stomach and putting it back where it goes.

I'll be out on short term disability for a little over 4 weeks recovering at home. Jory will be taking a few days off work to step in as the world's best nurse. I'm very much looking forward to his famous grilled cheese sandwiches when I'm able to have solid foods.

Over the next couple weekends I'll be getting the house in order (cleaned & de-cluttered) to make Jory's life a little easier while having to be at my beck and call. The house has really gone down hill again, not that it was ever uphill, but it was getting cleaner for a bit. Depression doesn't do well on a house, it's gotten really out of control lately...not just the house but me too.

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