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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Time for our Sunnys"

I just dreamt about dad. It started out weird, Shane and I were back at the 1200 North house in Logan. We were running late to school (32 & 36 years old LOL), I told him we should call our friends and let them know we moved back home. (Jory & Jessie existed but were not in the dream) As we left the house we were immediately walking with hundreds of "kids"(they bounced between being adults and teenagers), there was nothing but snow and we continued walking towards "work"(no longer headed to school).

Then I was in a truck, me on the left, dad on the right passenger side. I wasn't driving though, it was like we were being driven by someone in a wide cab. It was really early in the morning, we were headed to the cabin. As we drove up the mountain the sunrise was getting ever more beautiful as more colors appeared. Just as we were getting near the peak, the sun was going to be in our eyes; I turned to dad who was holding my hand and I said, "Time for our Sunnys", as I put mine on. He smiled and moved his sunglasses down from his hat to his eyes; reached over with his other hand to hold both my hands; I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes trying to soak up every bit of his love, having just realized at that moment I was dreaming and that dad was dead so I needed him to know how much I love him and miss him and how thankful I was that he came to me in my dream, he was there only a few seconds after my realization, he squeezed my hand and without saying it verbally, I heard him tell me that he loved me and my eyes popped open and I was laying in bed. I tried to get back to dad by going back to sleep but after struggling for a few minutes I knew instead I should write about it so I don't forget any second of it.

I had a very similar feeling dream right after Jack died, I hope it's not the last!

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