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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Prompt: Listen: Write about what you hear, right now.

Thank you Cody for the idea.

I hear "Dog Lady" talking way too loud, with that horrible laugh that makes me cringe, think "The Nanny", what's her name? Fran Drescher. Ya, her voice but worse. Static in my ear, but not obnoxious static, the calming, put you to sleep kind. My fan blowing gently from under my laptop docking station. "Xanex" is typing away with frustration in every chicken peck and "We Know You're Gay, Just Come Out Already" is repeating stories to "Killer Bunny" that I've heard three times already today, OH and that laugh. Faint phones ringing in the background. Mumbles, words but I can't put them together. Someone coughed and their neighboor sneezed, twice. Static in my ear dies and my call was dropped.

1 comment:

Jonathan Merchant said...

All I hear is the vent above my head - sucking out the air. Well okay there's some chatter around me of the normal IT type, and the clicky clack of the keyboard under my fingers...

Rather boring and common place...

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