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Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing for Willow

We were given a ton of great stuff for little willow at the baby showers. I took some quick photos this morning to give you a Before pic of her room and when I'm done organizing, I'll post super cute after pics and I'll actually use my real camera instead of my phone.

Willow's room before it's organized.

Drawers are filling up!

Drawers are filling up!, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Baby Shower gifts!

Baby Shower gifts!, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Baby Shower gifts, plus GranSandy's generous donations!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She Has A Name!

I figured since I announced our little girl's name at the baby showers, I should probably tell all those who didn't attend before the word is spread and not by us. Not that it matters, it's just fun to announce.

There was a list of names we were trying out, some I shared with you (Lily Rose, Jade, others I did not. Maybe we'll get to use them Next time ;) so I'm keeping them quiet. However Jory's names were a little out of control, as with many husband's suggestions I would imagine. But D.D. was his favorite, Doomsday from Superman. I don't necessarily think it was because having a baby is his "Dooms Day" but more because he thinks Doomsday is a kick ass evil character...who knows? He also offered up the usual suspects, same names we were thinking about when I was pregnant with Jack: Jezebelle the Harlot, Mary Jane, Sensimilla, Sativa, Diablo, Jesus, Satan, Jehovah, Moses, Harlot, Babylon, Samson, Goliath, 76214, Osiris, Anubis, Zod, Superman, Jory v.2.0, Anton, Aleister, Lucifer, Buddha, Hades, Hermes, Joo, Golden Child, Seven of Nine, or any name of a planet.

Not too long ago, Keara and I finally got Jory to admit what his top name on the list was and since it was my top choice too, we figured it was a done deal. Then it was on to the middle name. Since we weren't going with a "J" name to follow suit...Jory, Joey, Jack...we decided it would be a sweet idea to have the middle name match that of Jack's, "Kendrick", so we needed a middle name that started with a "K". That was pretty hard at first until one day I was sitting on the couch, crocheting and it hit me! I knew what we should do, but I kept forgetting about it to ask him so on Valentine's night I finally remembered and asked him and he said, "I can sign off on that". LOL it was really funny. So I looked at him and said, HOLY SHIT Johnson...we did it! We named our next kid already. Phew! One more thing off the list of To Do's I tell ya! lol

So..........After much thought and inspiration our soon to be baby girl's name is...

Willow Keara Johnson

It's sort of perfect too because I was given my middle name, Christine for my mother's best friend and now my daughter will carry my best friend Keara's name. Although Keara will need to break this middle name curse because my mom and her friend Christine were no longer friends shortly after my birth and same with Keara's mom and her best friend who Keara got her middle name from. So even though my Keara is running off to Spain shortly after Willow's birth, she promises not to lose touch and toss our friendship in the Mediterranean.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desks are in!

Desks are in!, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Better photos coming soon. Took this one with my cell phone just to get it posted. The desks are not organized or even screwed into legs yet, I was just checking that they fit and figured I may as well work(from home) on it since I went to all the trouble, so the computer was literally tossed on it and turned on. Of course then the Internet went down (FUCKING QWEST!) so I had to drive into work.

Can't wait to check this one off my list of To Do's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wall to Wall Desk Project - Almost done!

The Problem:
We have too much stuff and too little room. We've always had two desks in our office, one for me and one for Jory. Our desks are too tall and really don't function well. I've always wanted a desk like those I've had at work; it's Perfect height and depth, so what is the obvious solution to this? Build a desk to those specifications.
The Plan:
Build a desk that goes from wall to wall in the office. Technically it will be two separate desks, but it will look like 1 long desk. The room is 12 feet long, giving me two 6 foot long desks!

Wall to Wall Desk Project, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Picked out the wood (highest grade MDF). $29.72 per sheet (48" X 96")

Wall to Wall Desk Project, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

They DO cut the wood for you!

I had her cut two: 6' long X 30' deep

Wall to Wall Desk Project, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Pieces all cut...I have tons of left over wood, so I'll probably make some shelves or shadow boxes, I'm excited already!

Wall to Wall Desk Project, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Thank gawd it all fit in my car! I measured a million times before and knew it was going to be tricky. However, I didn't think about how heavy it was going to be and I had to put it in the car by myself. But I did it!

Wall to Wall Desk Project, originally uploaded by Joeythegirl.

Two coats of semi gloss Black paint later. I thought I was going to need a 3rd coat last night, but this morning when I checked, they looked really good. Those legs....are from IKEA, I got them on sale for $10 each! They're not connected to the table tops yet, just figured they made good painting stands as well!

Tonight I'll be clearing out the office and installing the desks. After photos coming soon!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I've been meaning to write about all the shit I have to do to get ready for surgery and baby/Willow, but I've been busy doing all the shit and occasionally putting off doing all the shit!

Here's the list: (I reserve the right to add, remove and edit this list at anytime)

Call for Home Study (called, received packet of paperwork the day I got home from Utah. AND I already have my medical papers filled out)

Call Utah lawyer again, since he didn't call me back today. (called, have another appt on Friday in SLC...had appointment, all is good, we just have to do a few things in both states)

Finish Morgan's blanket so I can take it to Utah. (didn't get Morgan's blanket done, it's super intricate...working on it more every will be done soon I swear!)

Unpack (yes, we moved in 1.5 years's called depression people).
Decorate the house...nothing has been put up on the walls yet.
CLEAN Everything.
Remove weeds from yard.

Finish building desk for office. Just need to buy wood for tops and glass to top. (Get Jory to approve 1st) (Jory approved, I bought the wood and glass tops, had it cut and painted it...installing tonight....desks are done!)

Organize office, find room for craft stuff to fit in office closet.
Have mural painted in nursery, or bag the idea because it's just too much.
Secure bookshelves in living room and nursery to wall.
Secure dresser/changing table to wall in nursery.
Clean carpet in Master bedroom, spots in office.
Organize garage a bit better (after unpacking).
Figure out what the hell is wrong with the dishwasher.
Buy some Dreft already so I can wash the clothes I've bought already.
Clean and organize back patio.
FreeCycle a Ton of shit we don't need or use, take the rest to the GoodWill.
Stop smoking.
Do dishes.
Clean out Fridge.

Go to Utah for baby showers. (DONE!)

Bring home baby shower stuff, hope for a ton of goodies so we don't have to buy a lot of stuff. (DONE!)

Bring home crib. (DONE!)
Setup crib

Put together baby swing Juli gave us for Jack. (DONE!)

Get nursery all put together and organized for baby. (working on it)

Get 2nd bathroom all setup for baby.
Curtains...must buy curtains and rods for at least the nursery for now.
Either Tile living room floor or paint/stain the cement. (Get Jory to HD or Lowe's to pick out tile or paint/stain).

Clean and/or paint my little cradle that Gary made me as a child, to put in baby's room.
Find a rug for the living room.
Buy frames for pics I bought at IKEA
Home Study visit
Pack for Utah.
Go to Utah for Willow's birth.
Bring home Willow.
Stare at Willow 24/7 because HOLY CRAP I'll be a Mom!
Remember to sleep when I can because it will be few and far between.

Soak up the last bit of Keara before she leaves on her crazy year of travel (UT, AK, UT, NY, NE, AZ, NE,TX, NY, CA, NY) before moving to Spain. I'm sure the order has changed since, but last I heard that's what it was.

I know there is more, but I can't think of them right now.

I know boring post, but I don't brain is consumed.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Relieved and Pissed Off yet Supremely Happy!

Last Thursday morning Shane sent me a text asking if I had signed the waiver for him to be the executor of my dad's estate. He was nervous about signing it because the application that came with it had our ex-step brother's name on it as an heir. We wondered why his name was included if he hadn't proved he was adopted yet. I told Shane I would call the lawyer to figure out exactly what we were signing and if Jason could use this signature in the future legally some way even if he wasn't adopted. After leaving a voicemail for our lawyer, Keara and I headed over to IKEA to pick up a dresser to use as a changing table for the baby's room.

As we were walking inside IKEA the lawyer called. Keara and I took a seat on the couches in the front of the store while I took his call. He tried to explain the three things we were signing but failed to understand our concern about Jason's name being included. Finally after a 10 minutes of blah blah blah he blurted out "You need to relax!" He finally said the application would not be submitted until we find out if Jason is or is not an heir. He wasn't submitting it with his name, then filing an amendment to remove it, he simply would not be filing it until it is known. Had he just said this from moment one, we wouldn't have been freaking out. He's been a lawyer for so long, I think he's forgotten how to speak in layman's terms. Towards the end of our conversation he added that the search came back for Sevier County, no adoption papers were filed in that county. This was good news! He said he doesn't see why they would have filed the adoption in any other county because they lived in Sevier County at the time. But they were currently searching the entire state of Utah. If they don't find it in Utah, then it's up to Jason to prove he was adopted. I called Shane to tell him the promising news and told him I would keep him posted.

About 20 minutes later in the beds and dressers area of IKEA the lawyer calls back. I didn't really expect to hear from him for a week or two at least so I was confused as to why he was calling back now. I answered the phone and he said they decided to run a check for name changes, since that's what we all thought had actually happened and the results came back immediately! He had indeed just changed his name to Kendrick. He said the name change and adoption processes are almost identical so it's possible that Jason thought he was adopted, but he doesn't really believe that. He agrees with us and thinks that Cathy and Jason lied about it, assuming maybe we'd just believe it and start dividing dad's stuff up quick so they could get their hands on whatever we'd give them...I guess he did get a gun out of it. Why else did he throw it out there in the first 5 minutes of seeing me when we first got to Utah? "Hey remember me?...Jason, dad adopted me when I was 17." Him and Cathy apparently told everyone they saw this same thing when we all got to Richfield. However, how stupid do you have to be to think the truth wouldn't come out in the end? Maybe they didn't expect us to get a lawyer? Who knows?

Regardless, I was totally jumping up and down in the aisle at IKEA, crying tears of joy, knowing my dad could be at peace now. The lawyer said it would be one in a million if someone actually changed their name, then went through the same process again for an adoption, let alone in separate counties. It would be one way or the other, but no one does both because the adoption includes a name change. However knowing the name change was done in Sevier and there was no adoption done in Sevier, gives us 100% certainty that dad did not adopt Jason. We are finally done dealing with those money grubbing, trouble causing LIARS!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Keara

A week ago my "sister wife" Keara or so we call her, announced that she is moving to Spain in September. Yeah EFFing Spain! I am struggling to accept this, especially since she'll actually be leaving in June to spend the summer in New York before moving over seas. She's going to be so embarrassed by this post, but she's been a great friend to Jory and I and she knows I blog about everything so it's about damn time I blog about "My Keara".

She recently reconnected with her best friend from high school who she's always compared every other guy to. They both finally admitted their life long love for each other and he's invited her to move to Spain for the 15 months he'll be stationed there when he comes home from Iraq, he's in the Air Force (I think?). I'm so happy for her, it's an awesome opportunity. Who wouldn't want to move to freakin' Spain? But I'm going to miss my Keara dearly.

I remember the day we officially met. She was working as a security guard where I work. I was out front smoking on break and she walked over and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes and we immediately made a connection. We spent many a night at work watching movies or TV shows online, playing Guitar Hero and crocheting. Keara was the 2nd person to find out I was pregnant with Jack and she was there for every exciting minute of my pregnancy. Keara was also there for me when Jack died. Even though we didn't See her until after we returned from our month stay with Shane & Jessie. She was taking care of our ferret Jerry, watching our apartment and getting our mail. She was waiting in the wings for us to return and she was there when I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. She was just there, letting me know when I was ready, that she was there for me.

Keara has been Our support system, our entertainment, our distraction and our encourager. She's been known to secretly clean up our dog poop and do dishes while we are distracted. Keara will drop everything to help you without being asked. She's the most unselfish person I have ever met in my life. She's one in a million!

I guess I always assumed she'd stay My Keara forever but I guess Andy has Hijacked her heart, too bad he has to Hijack her all the way to Spain! I wish them both the Fairy Tale they deserve and hope we can make it out to Spain to visit. I'm scared of the day (coming ever so soon!) we must say good-bye because even writing this now, I'm fighting back the tears (I'm at work!) and struggling to swollow the lump in my throat.

Thanks for being the greatest friend to both Jory and I. We will miss you more then you know! I will miss our late night talks in the hammocks, crochet-a-thons, craft store trips, Famous Dave dinners, RockBand practices(it has already been awhile), all night Wii Tennis matches and even tearing up the carpet while Jory sleeps and pulling up the weeds in our yard. I love your sweet heart and dirty mind. Life will not be the same without Our Keara.

The next few months will be some of our greatest adventures together. Our road trip to Utah for baby showers where you'll meet our friends and the remaining family you haven't met yet. The Angel in Salt Lake and my hometown. And again in May for the birth of our daughter, your niece.

Oh, Friend, The Places You'll Go!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Road Trip for Baby Showers!

Due to the surgery date change which caused all other plans to change, I'm going to Utah for baby showers this month. When Jory found out that Keara was able to come with us, he suggested that Keara and I just go and he would stay home and work, saving his vacation time for later when he'll really need it. I know everyone will be super sad not to see Jory, but it really is better this way. It's not like he would be attending the baby showers and we're still not 100% positive that he gets paternity leave so he'd just be chillin' the whole time when he'd prefer to use those days in May.

So ROAD TRIP for me and Keara! We'll be leaving here Thursday Feb. 18 in the morning and driving straight to Salt Lake where we will stay through Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on weather. I would hope to see some friends while I'm there...hint hint. Give me a ring.

Saturday we're heading to Logan for the Kendrick family Baby Shower that afternoon. Sunday is the Thomas/Peterson family Baby Shower early that afternoon. I don't expect any friends from the Salt Lake area to want to drive the hour and a half north to Logan, but if you do, let me know and I'll give you the info for either shower....which ever works best for you.

For those of you who just can't wait to buy us baby stuff, I've registered at Babies "R" Us. Don't be shy, feel free to spoil us or rather Willow/Lily/Rose/Jade/Sparrow/Lucia Johnson or as Jory calls her, "DD" (you'll have to ask him). We'll take all we can get, we need it all! You can either click those links or go to and search by my name or registry number 48478269.

OH and the colors we are doing are mainly sage green, pink and yellow. We're getting a mural done on one wall of the Dr. Seuss "Oh, The Places You'll Go!", here's the cover so you can see the colors we're using.

For those of you who haven't met Keara, you'll love her! She's the wife Jory and I have always dreamed of. LOL! After you have met her, you'll want a "Keara" of your own! Huh Sara? I'm excited to show her Northern Utah, since we've already taken her to Moab. Too bad it will still be winter when we get there, freezing arctic cold and nasty snow covering everything! Which is another reason Jory is happy to stay home...he doesn't do snow or cold except for special circumstances and even funerals may be getting removed from that exception list. ;)

More on Keara in the next post.

Hope to see you all very soon...mark those calendars!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Found out my days are numbered at work

Everyday I sit down and try to write a new blog post about all the crazy, fun and stressful stuff that has been consuming my life, but no words come out. So I'm forcing myself to write Something today. There has been so MUCH happening, I'll try to break them down and may end up posting them as separate posts but we'll see. (Update: posting them separately since I'm running out of time today)

As you all know, I was planning on having surgery in mid February. However in my meeting with Human Resources recently, I was advised or rather it was strongly hinted that I would not have a job when I returned because I am out of FMLA. I asked her if she was just telling me this because she has to tell everyone who happens to be out of FMLA or was this a real concern for me.

This is where the Hinting came in. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, "You KNOW how busy the Help Desk has been. If you leave they will probably have to bring someone in to cover for you. Without FMLA protecting your job, there would be no job for you when you return." My jaw dropped to the floor and I just stared at her in shock. I told her I thought my job would be more secure because they couldn't hire anyone with the freeze and they would need me back all the more. She said this is the only instance in which they could hire someone, but then added that she could not say that this would happen for sure, just that I knew how busy we have been. She told me 4 times how I knew how busy we are. I knew there was obviously a plan, it had been discussed otherwise she wouldn't have been so insistent.

In the beginning of the meeting she told me the company would not be willing to grant me the personal leave I had requested for the adoption, as a maternity leave. Had I not been out of FMLA, I could have taken maternity leave for the adoption, which is why I asked for the personal leave. Without the personal leave, I would have to quit. Jory and I had talked about me taking maternity then possibly working the night shift, being opposite of his that way we could keep both paychecks coming in, but no one would take their week old baby to daycare. I would NEVER take my week old baby to daycare! I don't ever want to take my kids to daycare. Most two income households work just to pay for daycare and that doesn't make sense to me.

So after the shock of finding out I would be getting fired or "let go" after returning from surgery in March subsided; I mentioned that my doctor had originally offered up the option of continuing to take Lupron until May, then have surgery. At the time I thought, why waste time with Lupron, let's just do the surgery and he said that's would be his first choice. So maybe I'd have to wait until after I lost my job and got on Jory's insurance to have the surgery, but then I would have the baby and that wouldn't work out well.

My HR rep offered up an alternative. She said I should reschedule my surgery for late March or early April, take the 6 weeks STD (getting paid while out) and then I would be returning around the time I would probably be quitting. Which is obviously a better alternative to getting jacked months before I would now need to quit.

I have since canceled my surgery and plan on rescheduling it for late March/early April, it depends on "my schedule", so I should know exactly when at the end of this month. I had a meeting with my managers to discuss what I was told by HR, they obviously knew everything before, except the part about me rescheduling my surgery, that seemed to surprise them. I told them I would not be putting in my two weeks assuming I would be fired…I would wait and see what happens.

As much as I hate my job or rather the retarded monkeys I talk to all day long, I would always like to keep the option of coming back open. It's a fairly stable job with a decent income, of course it doesn't compare what other companies are paying for Technical Support, but it's worked out well for us so far.

It definitely does suck to come to work knowing my days are numbered and not by my choice. It feels down right icky, but it confirms all the feelings I've had since I returned after Jack died.

What I would love to do while being a Stay At Home Mom is to have some sort of home business. If this blog could pay my bills, that would be perfect, but I'm no Dooce, so I know it's a long shot. I do however receive quite a lot of compliments on my crochet work, I've thought about selling them on Etsy. With this time I would have much more time for photography, that is definitely an option where I can take my baby "to work" with me. I'm sure there are all sorts of jobs I could find that I could do from home and I plan on figuring those out starting after the baby is at least 3 months old.

As far as our finances go, I will definitely be able to take at least 1 or 2 years off, but I will utilize this time not only to raise our little princess, but to also find work I love and make it pay off for our family.

Donate for My Kindness Project to Honor Jack!