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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Keara

A week ago my "sister wife" Keara or so we call her, announced that she is moving to Spain in September. Yeah EFFing Spain! I am struggling to accept this, especially since she'll actually be leaving in June to spend the summer in New York before moving over seas. She's going to be so embarrassed by this post, but she's been a great friend to Jory and I and she knows I blog about everything so it's about damn time I blog about "My Keara".

She recently reconnected with her best friend from high school who she's always compared every other guy to. They both finally admitted their life long love for each other and he's invited her to move to Spain for the 15 months he'll be stationed there when he comes home from Iraq, he's in the Air Force (I think?). I'm so happy for her, it's an awesome opportunity. Who wouldn't want to move to freakin' Spain? But I'm going to miss my Keara dearly.

I remember the day we officially met. She was working as a security guard where I work. I was out front smoking on break and she walked over and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes and we immediately made a connection. We spent many a night at work watching movies or TV shows online, playing Guitar Hero and crocheting. Keara was the 2nd person to find out I was pregnant with Jack and she was there for every exciting minute of my pregnancy. Keara was also there for me when Jack died. Even though we didn't See her until after we returned from our month stay with Shane & Jessie. She was taking care of our ferret Jerry, watching our apartment and getting our mail. She was waiting in the wings for us to return and she was there when I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone. She was just there, letting me know when I was ready, that she was there for me.

Keara has been Our support system, our entertainment, our distraction and our encourager. She's been known to secretly clean up our dog poop and do dishes while we are distracted. Keara will drop everything to help you without being asked. She's the most unselfish person I have ever met in my life. She's one in a million!

I guess I always assumed she'd stay My Keara forever but I guess Andy has Hijacked her heart, too bad he has to Hijack her all the way to Spain! I wish them both the Fairy Tale they deserve and hope we can make it out to Spain to visit. I'm scared of the day (coming ever so soon!) we must say good-bye because even writing this now, I'm fighting back the tears (I'm at work!) and struggling to swollow the lump in my throat.

Thanks for being the greatest friend to both Jory and I. We will miss you more then you know! I will miss our late night talks in the hammocks, crochet-a-thons, craft store trips, Famous Dave dinners, RockBand practices(it has already been awhile), all night Wii Tennis matches and even tearing up the carpet while Jory sleeps and pulling up the weeds in our yard. I love your sweet heart and dirty mind. Life will not be the same without Our Keara.

The next few months will be some of our greatest adventures together. Our road trip to Utah for baby showers where you'll meet our friends and the remaining family you haven't met yet. The Angel in Salt Lake and my hometown. And again in May for the birth of our daughter, your niece.

Oh, Friend, The Places You'll Go!

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Andy the Hijacker said...

Joey, one day I will meet you and Jory, but I do want to let you know that the Keara that you have known and I have known is one of the best people I have ever met. I can't believe I let her go years ago, and I wont let her go again. Jory and Joey are going to have to go on vacation to see us in Espana, and if not there and all works out with us, Japan... I so look forward to meeting you guys, and I am sorry to hijack you Keara:)

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