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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She Has A Name!

I figured since I announced our little girl's name at the baby showers, I should probably tell all those who didn't attend before the word is spread and not by us. Not that it matters, it's just fun to announce.

There was a list of names we were trying out, some I shared with you (Lily Rose, Jade, others I did not. Maybe we'll get to use them Next time ;) so I'm keeping them quiet. However Jory's names were a little out of control, as with many husband's suggestions I would imagine. But D.D. was his favorite, Doomsday from Superman. I don't necessarily think it was because having a baby is his "Dooms Day" but more because he thinks Doomsday is a kick ass evil character...who knows? He also offered up the usual suspects, same names we were thinking about when I was pregnant with Jack: Jezebelle the Harlot, Mary Jane, Sensimilla, Sativa, Diablo, Jesus, Satan, Jehovah, Moses, Harlot, Babylon, Samson, Goliath, 76214, Osiris, Anubis, Zod, Superman, Jory v.2.0, Anton, Aleister, Lucifer, Buddha, Hades, Hermes, Joo, Golden Child, Seven of Nine, or any name of a planet.

Not too long ago, Keara and I finally got Jory to admit what his top name on the list was and since it was my top choice too, we figured it was a done deal. Then it was on to the middle name. Since we weren't going with a "J" name to follow suit...Jory, Joey, Jack...we decided it would be a sweet idea to have the middle name match that of Jack's, "Kendrick", so we needed a middle name that started with a "K". That was pretty hard at first until one day I was sitting on the couch, crocheting and it hit me! I knew what we should do, but I kept forgetting about it to ask him so on Valentine's night I finally remembered and asked him and he said, "I can sign off on that". LOL it was really funny. So I looked at him and said, HOLY SHIT Johnson...we did it! We named our next kid already. Phew! One more thing off the list of To Do's I tell ya! lol

So..........After much thought and inspiration our soon to be baby girl's name is...

Willow Keara Johnson

It's sort of perfect too because I was given my middle name, Christine for my mother's best friend and now my daughter will carry my best friend Keara's name. Although Keara will need to break this middle name curse because my mom and her friend Christine were no longer friends shortly after my birth and same with Keara's mom and her best friend who Keara got her middle name from. So even though my Keara is running off to Spain shortly after Willow's birth, she promises not to lose touch and toss our friendship in the Mediterranean.


Uncle Tom said...

although Joryette was my first choice, Willow Keara works! Congratulations guys.

MisterJ said...


Regina said...

Tom that's damn funny.

All I can say is I thought Jory's ideas for names were way, way, way crazier than Robby's. And I thought his were crazy.

Whew on landing on a cute name.

Joey said...

Thanks everyone...I was really relieved when Jory said Willow was his top pick because I was really in love with the name. Lily Rose was a great 2nd option though so either way I would have been happy.

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