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Monday, March 23, 2009

When Jorys Attack, Caught on Film!

While I was in the bathroom last night, Jory found this detachable winter coat hood and put it on. On my way back to the living room, I coughed and got that acidy crap in my throat so I bee-lined straight to couch and grabbed my water bottle off the side table and while chugging it, Jory made a noise so I looked up and almost spit water out of my noise seeing him refill his Mountain Dew over the island, wearing The Hood! Of course I grabbed my phone because it was closer then my camera because he will only put up with so much paparazzi.

Retardo Boy Returns!

So then it was my turn to don the hood. As I was documenting our fun, Jory thought it would be funny to try and make me Flash the camera by standing behind me and pulling up my shirt! Don't worry, I wouldn't post those.

Just another Sunday at the Johnson's


Code-ster said...

Reminds me of that old man mask Dad used to always wear.

Joey said...

You just gave me an idea...

Idiot Man said...

Retardo Boy? Is that you?

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