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Friday, April 03, 2009

Keara in da Hood!


tom said...

another day, another dingbat.

Joey said...

LOL! I used a real camera on Keara so I think the pictures turned out better then mine. Plus she's super cute.

Don't worry, if you ever come down to PHX I'll be "hooding" you too!

OMFG! I think I just came up with my first Photography book idea! An entire book of the Hood!
Different People in the hood! YAY!

Loco-T said...

dude, i AM the hood. BETTA RECOGNIZE!!

Joey said...

You betta get ya head in da hood then! BiOtch!

Anonymous said...

Keara has the most beautiful eyes

Keara said...

Who you calling dingbat Tom??? I know its because of you and that monkey suit that Joey torments Jory and me with crazy photo sessions. Do not mistake the fact that because she actually got some pictures of my face that I was a willing participant. That is not the case!

Joey you have a pretty face, lol! And I have not signed the release form to allow you to publish my photos in your book, you have to pay up first, lady.

tom said...

hey, i just call em as i see em.

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