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Monday, April 27, 2009

Somebody is Spoiled!

Keara calls me today, SCREAMING and CRYING with excitement about what Andy got her for her birthday(May 1). All I heard in between all the hysterics was "FedEx, MacBook Pro, Andy, OH MY FUCKING GAWD!" Then after a few more SCREAMS..."17 INCH Wide-screen MACBOOK PRO, can you believe it?"

On the other end of the phone I'm having a Geekgasm, asking for specs and drooling with jealousy. I teased her about how if he bought her a $3000.00 laptop, how big the engagement ROCK would be? OH and the Wedding Rock! She was too high with bliss to even respond to my "wedding talk". She was so juiced up she brought "Mac" over to my work during lunch and we fondled him together; it was magical.

So Andy...Mr. Moneybags, you did good man. I haven't seen her this thrilled since she told us about You and Spain. approval(of you), can totally be bought! ;)


Keara said...

You call it spoiled, I call it loved!!! I'm the damn luckiest girl in the world to be loved by him!!!

Joey said...

I'm glad you found a Man that treats you as you should be treated!

Jory Dan Johnson said...

I wish I could find a man to treat me the way Keara should be

Joey said...

And you wish that man had really big boobs and a bagina!

tom said...

Jory, my moobs are coming in nicely. can't help you with the other part.

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