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Thursday, April 23, 2009

You really don't have to read this

Do you like bananas? No, I LOVE bananas! So does Mazzy & Jimi, they heart bananas Big Time! Jory HATES bananas.

What is your favorite song of all time? I'm a little partial to Tori Amos' acoustic version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow (and Big Iz's version as well), but otherwise any Led Zeppelin will do.

What is your favorite place? In Jory's arms....But I know that's not what you meant. Bellingham, WA is my Happy Place. Moab, UT, Miami Beach, FL (in December) and Star Valley, WY (in summer) are some of my favorite places.

If you could have one super human power what would you choose? I guess it's not technically "super human" to have babies, so I guess I'd choose Flying. I can go anywhere, anytime for Free!

Vitamin Water or Gatorade? I like Sam's flavored water, does that count? Blue Gatorade is good too...oh the light purply one. I don't know the names.

Flip flops or sandals? Flip flops year round baby!

What do you do on Fridays? Wake up, go to work, celebrate at 6:57 pm, head home, call and wake Keara's ass up and get her on her way to my house, figure out dinner, Fridays are normally our take out night, order food, go get it, take it home, eat it, watch a movie or play video games, crochet, sometimes we get crazy and drink alcoholic beverages, GASP! Once a year or so we can talk Jory into going OUT to a movie!

What is your favorite color? Green, Purple and Black, it switches up.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Oh geeze

beach or mountain? I'll take both please.

left handed or right handed? I used to be fairly ambidextrous. But for the record, I'm right handed.

Why are you taking this interview? Because I like to think that someone out there cares to know this shit.

Who do you count on when feeling down? Who ever answers their phone first. Assuming I'm at work, because I feel like I'm always at work and it's lonely here.

Do you plan in advance? I try to but Jory isn't really a plan kind of guy. He wants to know stuff in advance, but as far as planning for those things, he's not so good at. He hates having things planned, or so it seems to me.

What attracts you most? About what? Bright colors attract my attention, Funny, down to earth people I guess.

Do you feel comfortable showing PDA in public? Yes I'm perfectly comfortable groping Jory in public.

How many hobbies do you have? Just thinking about the list makes me wonder if I'm addicted to hobbies:
Photo Editing
Frisbee Golfing
Hemp Jewelry
Video/Computer Games
Web Mistressing (
Volleyball (haven't played in a looong while)
Building/Designing stuff for our house
I'm not sure I can list Tattoo's as a hobbie since I only have 3, but there are so many yet to be done.
I'm sure there's more but that's good for now.

Close your eyes for a moment, who pops into your head? My dad...I've been working on his Memorial Rock Epitaph.

How do you say "I love you" in the relationship? I take care of him. Make sure he has his smokes, Mt. Dew, food, entertainment, clean clothes, working on the clean house, whatever I can do to make his life a little easier, so he'll be happy.

Aliens have landed and selected you to visit their home planet. Do you go with them? Although I'm concerned about the whole probing rumors, I would love to go poke around their place a bit! Pun totally intended.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning? Sleep in; wake up to the smell of homemade French Toast, Hash-browns and OJ! Walk out of my bedroom to fine out the Clean Fairies have visited and my house is unpacked, decorated and Clean from top to bottom! AND Jory wants to explore the mountains or even Frisbee Golfing in Fountain Hills. Awe, a girl can dream right?

If you could be successful at any job in the world, what would that job be? Stay At Home Mom or if that never happens, then Photographer.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? My own private island possibly near Johnny Depp's private island.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be? If I can pick the day, I choose our birth mom.

If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook? Chicken out on the grill with Dutch oven cheesy potatoes!

What is your favorite word? I have a few: Effervescent, Facetious, Androgyny/Androgynous. I wrote a book report back in 9th grade and used the word androgynous with regards to the name Drew and my English teacher wrote "Do you even know what that means?" in red pen on my paper. Hello, with the name Joey, I knew what androgynous meant, stupid bitch! I hated that whore! I also love Saucy!

What makes you cry? You should have asked what doesn't make me cry. I'm a gawd damn ocean of emotion!

What makes you laugh? Jory's morning hair, morning voice (think Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs).

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be? I was going to say chimp because I love fruit and swinging in trees and taking care of orphan babies would be my Thing, but I was worried about being captured and left in a cage as a pet so then I was thinking Dolphin so I could have the entire ocean to explore, but I would also worry about getting killed and eaten. I'm not sure there is an animal in the wild that I would feel safe enough from humans to be. How sad is that?

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions? Quit my job (assume Jory would quit his too). Pay off our mortgage and other debt. Regardless of whether this adoption pans out, I would pay for IVF and get my surrogate pregnant. Buy a private island and start building our commune while traveling the world with our family.

If you could travel back in time, what mistake(s) would you want to correct? Not that it would probably have changed things, but I wouldn't have waited until 2000 to finally go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Also, I would have gone to the hospital before August 31, 2006 and had them sew me up so Jack wouldn't have come too soon. I would force my dad into a doctor to hopefully prevent his fatal heart attack. And stuff I can't talk about.

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full? Fuck the cup, who cares.

Who was your hero as a child? My brother Shane has always been my hero, especially when I was a child.

What do you do for fun? Didn't I already list my hobbies? Same answer. OH WAIT...I forgot, sometimes I get in a crazy mood and I hide from Jory, the timing has to be perfect! And eventually he'll come looking for me and I jump out and scare him. Of course I only do it about once a year, it works best that way. Keara has yet to experience the insanity. Her time will come ;) OH Shopping with Keara is fun too, especially when we talk with accents the entire time, or let people think we are identical twins. People are so dumb.

Are you an outdoor or an indoor person? I'm an outdoor person 100% but my depressed Alter likes warm blankets and comfy couches. ;)

If you had only six months to live, what would you do first? Quit my job, sell everything, rob a few banks and go find that private island I keep telling you about.

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you? I don't have one best friend. I'm bipolar and have often joked about that meaning I have an Alter which is not true by the way in case I'm confusing anyone out there, it's just funny, but having an Alter which sometimes it feels like I do, means I need more then one best friend because if I only had one, they wouldn't hang out long because I'm just too much work to deal with. Regardless, I think they might describe me as Crazy, Bossy and Blunt, if they were to be honest, but they might lie and say I'm Strong, Wise and Caring. I don't know...ask them.

Where do you see yourself in five years? I've said it for more then 5 years now...but I still see myself as a Stay At Home Mom with hopefully more then 1 kid.

What are you most proud of in your life? Jory and Jack

Do you own any pets, and if so what do you have? Two Pomeranian princesses or rather one princess (Mazzy) and one DEVIL child (Jimi).

Do you have any tattoos, and if so what and where? I have three tattoos; my first was a crescent moon and star on my big left toe. Second was my rainbow colored trippy butterfly on my left ankle. Third, should count as six since I had six sittings. It's a giant butterfly that covers my entire upper back, shoulder to shoulder. It's not done, my artist and I disagreed on what colors to use, so he half-assed it. I hope to get it finished one day.
I have lists of more tattoos, just waiting for the phone call from Kat Von D or Chris Garver so they will be perfect. I have two immediately planned; one for Jack and one for my dad, both are portraits that will cover both arms. Jack's footprints and handprints and Jack and Jory's names, hopefully Willow's too, the list goes on.

When do you plan on getting married? Jory and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary this year! We made it legal on our 6th anniversary.

Get the number or give the number? 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Romance or Kinky? A healthy marriage has both. Don't read too much into that, it's not like we have a swing hanging from the ceiling!

How do you feel? Tired, I could not stay asleep last night and it was too late to take an Ambien when we went to bed. Little Jimi was up several times in the night barking at ghosts, which is normally Mazzy's job, but even Mazzy was giving her the death rays when she'd wake us all up. I also feel fat and my boobs hurt, not in the pregnant boobs hurting way, like I slept funny or something? I can't explain it. Overall exhausted and hungry with a headache. I really almost called out today. I need sleep!

What size shoes do you wear? Size 9 in women and 6 or 7 in boys.

Water or 100% Juice? Freeze the water, add the juice and fill the remaining with Skyy Vodka!

Would you rather be hot or cold? I used to say cold because you can always warm up, but living in AZ where we don't experience freezing ass arctic snowy Utah winters anymore, I definitely choose hot. Because I know that comes with 9 months of perfect weather. I can deal with 3 months of hot more then I can deal with 7 months of winter! Hibernating for 3 months is MUCH easier then hibernating for 7 months!

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Are you threatening me? I would have to say leg only because I need my two hands. I could never be that person that has to use her foot to eat or cook, GROSS! And a Robot leg would kick serious ass! Jory would be so jealous.

Favorite Place to Eat? Everyone knows that answer...Famous Daves Bitches! Yumm..Cajun Chicken Sangwich...I'm totally drooling now.

Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other? I've done them all and concerts are where I'd spend my money first.

What is your favorite clothing brand? Gag me with a spoon, seriously? I buy most of my clothes from Target or Kmart so what does that tell you? I like them cheap and comfortable, thank you very much. The closest I get to name brand clothes is when I hit the outlets! And if it's more then $20 I don't need it.

If you had to pick one car, which would it be? Assuming your question involves keeping our '08 Honda CRV, I would definitely pick a Toyota Prius!

Your favorite Disney Films? Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, National Treasure, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson, The Parent Trap, Babes in Toyland, The Sword in the Stone, Mary Poppins, The Love Bug, Escape to Witch Mountain, Return from Witch Mountain, The Watcher in the Woods, The Journey of Natty Gann, Flight of the Navigator, I grew up with the Disney Channel.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Dumb

Juice and crackers or milk and cookies? Skim milk and Oreos!

What was your last thought? It's been at least 3 days and my boobs still hurt....Why is my body teasing me? I can't be pregnant, it's not fair. This is where Jory would say "god" is having a laugh.

Favorite fruit? Raspberries, Oranges, Strawberries, Pineapple in that order.

Are you a cat or a dog person? Dog person. Ferrets are as close as I got to having a cat.

Would you rather be blind or deaf? Deaf I guess, but I would really miss music and my child's voice (if we're talking down the road).

Do you eat cold cereal at night? I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I love cereal!

What is your favorite TV show? I can't pick just one: Dexter, LOST, Trueblood, Weeds, United States of Tara, Big Love, Heroes, Grey's, Bros & Sis...

Kill the spider or let it out? MURDER KILL DIE! I hate spiders! Especially the Black Widows that moved in last summer...ewww!

Do you shower every single day? No. You may call it lazy or dirty, I call it being eco friendly, water conserving. Seriously, if I don't have plans to go outside of my domicile on the weekends, what's the point in showering? Oh now you all think I'm dirty and disgusting. Oh well. You'll get over it.

Walking past a beggar, spare change or ignore? Totally depends. I've been homeless; I know what it feels like to have nothing. I know how hard it is to get a real job when you can't give an address or phone number; back in the day a pager number didn't even work. But there are jobs out there and people willing to help you. (This one guy paid us to cut twigs from trees because he made wreaths out of them)
To beggars who stand outside shops or on the side of the freeway, they get nothing, unless I have a spare bottle of water or extra yogurt, I have given those out the Freeway beggars. I never ever give money to any beggars. If they are hungry and I'm at a drive thru, I'll grab an extra sandwich or drink and drop it off to them if it's convenient to me. Most homeless that need help, won't ask for it, those that are begging aren't normally homeless or are scammers.

Where do you want to travel next? I guess Spain to visit Keara after she moves there in November.

What is your favorite food? Recently I've been eating Roman Noodle Soup like it's going out of style! But my favorites include, French Dip, French Toast, Hash Browns, Chicken.

Do you read harry potter books? I love Harry Potter and have read all the books, a few times.

Consider yourself Tagged.


dk said...

I thought that tattoo on your left ankle was a moth.

Joey said...

har har ;)

Jory said...

LOL moth..."Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me." (spoken in Jory morning voice)

Dr. Lecter said...

and doing your best "Keith and Dookie" impression.

Joey said...

In case you didn't know, it totally makes my day when I see that you have commented on my blog Jory J. I<3U

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