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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Birthday LoveR!

It's that time of year again folks. The time when Jory has bought every video game or CD that he's previously wanted so I can't buy them for his birthday. I still owe him an iMac, but we just can't afford one right now. SOON Babe I swear! If I have to donate blood or a kidney for the money, I will come through on that promise!

So here we are, no ideas on what to buy the birthday boy and he's no help at all, except his request for 47 naked ladies. Oh Sure! Should I just buy him stuff off his Wish List? Nope, he said not to. Should I buy him the iMac with credit? That's too big a purchase to make without his consent....and I would totally want that to be a Surprise! He'd poop his pants if he came home to an iMac! But right now is not the best time. But I Really want to get him the iMac...What The Hell Am I Going To Do? And then last night it came to me. I know exactly what he wants for his birthday (other then the iMac and 47 naked ladies) and by golly I got it...with the help from my sister wife ;) Thank you Keara!'s the gift that keeps on giving, until we wear out our welcome of course, or drain the well dry.

I'm not going to tell you what it is, I can't. I'm Sorry. Don't be a perv either. I wouldn't be blogging about that to the WORLD! Dirty Birds. Let's just say he'll love it and I'm happy that he'll be happy. I hope more then anything that he'll enjoy the Birthday Weekend ExtravaganZa that we've planned for him. He deserves it!

Let's be serious. It's really not as kool as I'm making it out to be, he'll probably be like..."kool thanks, where's my 47 naked ladies?" and I'll shrug my shoulders, walk down the street with my head hung low and offer up my "services" to the local toothless wonders in order to make enough cash to pay for the iMac I still owe him.

I love you Jory, you are my world! I wish for nothing more then for you to have a HAPPY Birthday this year.


Keara said...

Ha ha world I know what it is!!!

Jory Dan Johnson said...

Where's my naked ladies?

Joey said...

She's in your bed ;) woo woo

tom said...

i bet it was some sort of sex act. either that or that juggalo t-shirt you wanted.

Joey said...

Dirty bird! Tom, I'll email you so you can know how super kool I am.

Jory Dan Johnson said...

I had a whole big comment, but, thought better of it. Thank you for what you got me, I really like the device, and the shirt too, and the party favors (I am sure that isn't what is causing my three day headache...maybe).

Keara said...

How did Tom know it was some sort of sex act? You guys promised me this was going to be a one time thing and only the three of us would know!

tom said...

did you get a medicinal delivery implement? you never emailed me, Joey.

Joey said...

Tom, I did email you yesterday and I emailed you again today.

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