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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Gloves Are Off!

I recently received two comments from Bernadette, the ex step brother's wife. You only saw one because she deleted the other, but of course I have a copy since it was emailed to me. Let me share it with you. First the deleted one:

bernadette has left a new comment on your post "A Memorial for my Father":


You need to think about things before you write them. You write about how the "ex's" or what ever it is you refer to them as, as being money hungry. There not they loved Doyle as much as you and your borther. They grew up with Doyle and you didnt. Doyle loved them just as much as he did you or your brother. Remember they grew up with Doyle and he raised them as if they were his own. So no matter what you think about them they did love Doyle and Doyle loved them. They never wanted anything when Doyle died all they ever wanted was to be included in his memorial. But you are such a selfish person that you could not over come the relationship he had with them that you had to keep them away. Well guess what they know about it, but knew they were not welcome so they did not go.
Posted by bernadette to Led Zeppelin Mama at 7/31/09 9:08 PM

The comment she ended up leaving on my blog:

no name has left a new comment on your post "A Memorial for My Father"

Always remember that the ex step family loved Doyle as much as you and your family did. They never expected or wanted anything form Doyle but his love and they got it. They grew up with him and you didnt they will always have memories of him and you will not. So before you start to talke badly of them keep in mind that Doyle loved them as much as he love you.
Posted by no name to Led Zeppelin Mama a1 7/31/09 9:17 PM

I took these comments as an invitation to make this public, therefore The gloves are off.

Yes I refer to the exes as Money Hungry, because they are. First two sentences out of Jason's mouth when I first arrived in Richfield, not 24 hours after my father passed away were, "Hi Remember me, I'm Jason, your adopted brother. I don't know when you want to talk about it, but I'd like dad's truck when everything is split up. I really need a truck." (As close to word for word as possible) This from a guy I haven't seen in at least 10 years! And about 10 minutes later we show up to Cathy's house and within the first 5 minutes Jodi was placing dibs on the 4 wheeler and/or snowmobiles and trailer. Not Money Hungry? I tend to disagree.

Everyone who witnessed those conversations have all discussed how disgusted they were to hear it, yet not shocked by both comments and their untimely delivery. WHO IN THE FUCKING WORLD starts placing dibs on their barely dead EX-step father's "stuff" before the funeral is even planned? Jodi and Jason, that's who. We all expected that behavior because that is exactly how their mother raised them to be, just like her.

Speaking of their mother Cathy, who already got half of everything my dad had when they got divorced is now legally fighting us for his money. Trust me, there isn't enough to fight for. Apparently she drained him almost dry in the divorce and the fight over the cabin. I expected there to be a good chunk to help us keep up the cabin and condo, he was a construction Superintendent for gawd sake and was by far the hardest worker anyone knew. I had always been told he paid cash for everything, not a bit of debt to his name. While it's not totally true, he did have a credit card and his condo has a mortgage, we were lucky to have enough in his checking to cover the credit card and help pay the mortgage for a bit. Soon Shane and I will be solely responsible for the condo and cabin.

In the meeting with our lawyer right after we planned the funeral, they were all making comments about a quarter of a million dollars, I don't know where they were pulling those numbers out of but obviously out of their asses. They all looked so excited to jump into their new buckets of gold, laughing and smiling. The entire time I was still trying to accept that my father has just died.

My aunt recently asked Cathy why she was fighting us for the money. She told her she was fighting for her kids because she knows Shane and I aren't going to give them anything. So my aunt flipped the situation and asked Cathy if she were to die, are Shane and Joey going to get anything? Of course not. So why is Cathy fighting us for the money? Because she's the Money Hungry EX. The excuse she gave her lawyer, that my dad promised her that money. As if he'd promise money to the woman who had a restraining order against him. Give me a break!

Don't think I wasn't going to go back to..."I'm Jason, your adopted brother". I have never in my life heard the word Adopted thrown around quite as many times as those few days at the funeral. It seemed that Adopted was Jason's middle name. It came flying out of Jason's mouth, Jodi's mouth and Cathy's mouth about a million times. Funny thing was, no one but them had ever heard a word about Jason being adopted. I wonder why? OH because it was total BULLSHIT! As we all discussed it, some of us had heard or remembered comments about Jason getting his name changed and how Jodi wouldn't and how my dad was pissed off which led to Jodi leaving him off her wedding invitations. But there was never any talk about my dad adopting Jason. You think if he were to do that he would have called and talked to Shane and I beforehand or at least my grandma. Who knows why they thought they'd get away with claiming he was adopted, obviously we were going to verify it. But it was obvious Why they would claim it, they wanted to ensure their share of my dad's assets. FAIL.

Just recently Jason called Shane to apologize for not going to the Memorial, stating they didn't know about it. (So either Bernadette is lying now or Jason was lying to Shane) Shane explained to him why he was not notified or invited and Jason claimed to not know he wasn't adopted and not know that his mother was fighting us for the accounts and how he didn't want anything now, that he wasn't on his sister or mother's side and didn't agree with their actions since the funeral. A. Changing your name and getting adopted are two different processes, not to be confused with one another. He was 17 years old when he changed his name, he was old enough to understand what was going on. The paper work is very similar, but the process is totally different. I'm sorry but I don't buy it. It's just another lie.

B. Saying he doesn't want anything doesn't take back the fact that he was placing dibs on my dad's truck less then 24 hours after my dad died. He's only saying he doesn't want anything now because he knows he's not legally entitled to anything.

And I have no idea (yes I do, her name is Jodi and she's bat shit crazy) where you three get this insane idea that I am somehow jealous of Jodi and Jason because my dad raised them. Are you fucking kidding me? Most of my memories with my dad are Good memories because I didn't see him that much. They grew up in a household with two alcoholic parents. Who would be jealous of that? I'm fairly certain Bernadette got this idea from Jodi who wrote in a letter to Shane that I was angry or pissed at her and Jason because they spent more time with my dad. I have never been jealous, angry or pissed at them....honestly I've never even thought about them. My past anger or sadness has always been with my father. He was the adult, the parent that did not make the time for his kids that he should have. It's not about them, it never was even though they like the drama and like to make it all about them. So get over yourselves and move on with life. My father moved on when he divorced Cathy for the 2nd time. You all had been out of our lives even before all that, what's different now?

I can go on all night...let's see what's next. Oh right, let's talk about how Jodi and Cathy stole all of my dad's personal affects when they claimed his body. (That's what you get with Toothless Village police departments...apparently NON relatives can claim any old body and personal affects without documenting a damn thing) Jodi stole his pocket knife and gave it to her son. They stole the gate and cabin keys. Deleted all his text messages on his cell phone, because most of them were from his girlfriend Donna. Jealous much? Oh and let's not forget about how they took the picture of Jack that dad carried in his wallet. Seriously, what's worse then stealing a picture of a dead grandchild from his grandfather's dead body?

With that, I'm not sure it's necessary to continue with more reasons why Jodi and Jason were not welcome at my father's memorial.

Honestly Bernadette, I think it shows clearly what kind of a person you are when you try to hurt me by saying, "They grew up with him and you didnt they will always have memories of him and you will not." not only are you dense but you're wrong. As I've already said, I have great memories of my dad and nothing but shitty memories of their mom. I had the benefit of not being raised by two alcoholic parents.

Maybe before you post an uneducated, incorrectly spelled comment on a website you should know that all comments posted are emailed to the owner of the site giving me the freedom to publish your nonsensical, repetitive bullshit to the world.


Tom said...

in the immortal words of LL Cool J:

"momma said knock you out! ugh! i'm gonna knock you out!"

hope all works out for the best.

sounds like you have Wicked
Stepmother and Evil kiddies to deal with...Good Luck Joeyrella!

Joey said...

That I do Tom ;) Thankfully my dad had divorced the Wicked stepmother so I shouldn't have to be dealing with them at all, but they're drama causing, bank drainers that won't let go until there is nothing left.

We could have fought her for the life insurance(my dad hadn't changed beneficiaries on that yet) but we figured let her have it, she can give it to her grand kids, but apparently that wasn't enough. GREEDY MUCH!

smcisales said...

love you!

smcisales said...

you have everyones support.

asskicker said...

The trees you cut down for the fence are on Beverly's property and is she pissed. You will have another law suit with this one. You dont own the mountain, cant cut down trees without permits, and the fish in the pond is catch and release only. You will be paying for the ones you caught and and fine to boot. STUPID PEOPLE LIVE JUST LOOK AT YOU

Joey said...

Asskicker...Really? You can't refute a word I said because it's the truth so you try and create drama, just as I had said. You proved with your comment exactly the person I said you were. Get over yourself. MOVE ONE! Get a life already!

If we did cut trees down on Beverly's land, then we'll handle that with Beverly, it has nothing to do with you, but there you go trying to create more and more drama. What are you 5 years old?

We did release the fish you stupid bitch! Doug was down there with us so you LOSE again. Stop trying to create drama where there isn't any. Your family (BERNADETTE) brought this on and made it public why don't you go "AssKick" her if you don't like it.

Code-ster said...

Oooh I don't know, asskicker sounds pretty badass. I'd be scared if I were you. What the shit Ranger Rick, if you're really that concerned about the environment, go save a rainforest.

Tom said...

i suggest not biting at Asskicker's lures. This stuff could somehow be used against you. When in doubt, play the nice guy. There are better arenas for this stuff to play out. BTW, the deleted posts must have really been juicy!

asskicker said...

Do you call everyone BITCH? You show you're lack of smarts and education by the words you chose. Your brain is probably fried so you can't think straight. Why don't you try and honor your father's memory and stop the crap. Honor and protect the mountain and environment that he loved so much. Leave the last family that was his alone. He loved them and would be upset with what you are saying and doing. You and Shane never wanted anything to do with him when he was alive. He was ashamed of your behavior and actions. You just want money. I would have rather had a relationship while he was alive. You never had time to come and see hime and be on the mountain with. You have come to Utah more since he died than when he was alive. What does that say about both of you? Grow UP. I had the honor of know your father very well and he was a good man. To bad that 1 woman was never enough for him and he always had to have 1 or 2 mistress around. Your father had to keep one in every port. He loved the ex,s very much and never stopped. He would be ashamed of what you and Shane are doing and the drama that you are creating. Honor his memory and knock it off. You will fight until you have nothing left. LAWYER'S WIN everytime. Keep fighting until your father estate is broke AKA NO ONE WINS!

Tom said...

like i said. no one wins in the battle of words. this sounds UGLY!

smcisales said...

Tom sorry to disappoint but the deleted post were just me being stupid. I get click happy sometimes. Im an aunt.

Joey said...

New post coming soon...obviously you've noticed the blog has gone private, at least until the legal shit is settled. The EXES are dirty people and will stop at nothing to hurt everyone around them for no reason. I sort of brought this on myself and should have just ignored Bernadette's comment. I guess I get what I deserve.

Joey's Mom said...

Asskicker,If Doyle had other women in his life or not it has nothing to do with this blog. This blog was done to honor his memory. Shane and Joey did not start "the crap". They have just chosen to not include people in their life that didn't include them when they were younger. They never had a relationship with that family while Doyle was alive, why should they be expected to include them now that he is gone. Yes there were many times that they did not spend time with him at the cabin but that was because they chose not to be around him while he was drinking but during the time that he was on the wagon and divorced they had a very good relationship with him. Right up to the end they talked to him regularly on the phone and had many future plans made with him and Donna. You say Joey's "brains must be fried" and "he was ashamed of both of their behavior"...How wrong you are! Doyle was very proud of both of his children. Shane and Joey both have the same strong work ethic as their dad and both have strong marriages and a very close relationship with their families. Why you would make a comment about Joey's "brain must be fried" shows your own ignorance. I can't imagine where that even came from. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
You say "leave his other family alone". They were doing just that when this all started. Somebody needs to make up their mind..first the "other family" are mad because they feel left out of a personal time my children shared with their own families then you say leave them alone. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

MisterJ said...

For someone who claims people are uneducated, she sure has a problem with punctuation.

MisterJ said...

She also likes to attack people that she claims to be honoring the memory of.

Jory Dan Johnson said...

What a bunch of horseshit. I am offended (and I don't easily offend) that asslicker...oh kicker, sorry...would even keep trying. I think that their first comment points out that Joey's post has merit, in that they refuted nothing, but instead brought up new "jabs" and the last comment exposes entirely that the ex-fam's plan is to do exactly what they accuse you and Shane of, tying everything up until there is nothing left. What a bunch of bitter, mean spirited, down right un-parental, written diarrhea, but, hey now why let them have all the "fun?"

It's no use arguing with them, because "they is the mostest smartest." I would call them hillbillies, but, the truth is that would be an insult to the folks who settled the smoky mountains. Redneck doesn't seem right either, because plenty of rednecks are good hearted people. I guess I will have to go with the old stand by (sorry if I offend): What a bunch of fucktarded-douche drinking-mullet having-ass picking-finger sniffing-inbred-recessive gene having-miserable cum guzzling-retard sandwich eating-cunt buckets. I mean come on now, just because you just figured out the 'inter-webs' doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to out yourself as a total asshole by berating the very man you claim to honor and his two surviving children.

For being as old as dirt you sure act like a child who isn't getting their way. As for me, I can be immature, after all I have 'fried my brain' plenty! I do find it odd that I still seem to have enough brain power left to know that "you're" is the conjunctive form of "you are" and not the same as "your" which denotes ownership, AND I suck when it comes to spelling and grammar, go figure.

Just fuck off asslicker, go back to drinking yourself ridiculous and queefing dust. I for one, am done with you and your family, please reciprocate and be done with our family too.

Tom said...

jory, i miss your eloquent writing. get back to it.

Joey said...

Tom: Jory wants to know, which part, the "fucktarded-douche drinking-mullet having" or "miserable cum guzzling-retard sandwich eating-cunt buckets"? LOL

At least it inspired him to write again. ;)

Cynthia said...

Wow, I don't know these people but you're right Joey, they are a bunch of asshole bastards! I always say when someone dies, people lose their fucking minds! They tell you to "honor his memory" but they trash him in the same breath? What piece of shit speaks ill of the dead? And to take the baby's picture out of your dad's wallet... that has to be *THE LOWEST* thing that I have probably ever heard of someone doing. My Mamaw used to say: "don't roll in the mud with the pigs because you just get muddy and the pigs love it." Or as I say "fuck those people."

Keara said...

What is left to say... Jory and your Mom pretty much covered the important stuff. The only thing I can think of is, it's clear you have loving and supportive family and friends. I'm sorry you have to deal with these fuck puppets on top of loosing your father. No one should have to deal with that let alone a wonderful person like you Joey. I wish there was something I could do to help you, something legal that is. lol But if you think of anything just say the word and you know I will do what I can. Love you Sister Wife!

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