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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I KILLED our Dyson and it Came Back to LIFE!

It was me...I did it! I killed the Dyson. Take me away boys!

So I've been beating myself up for a couple weeks now about killing our Dyson vacuum. That's $400 down the freakin' drain! If you've been a long time reader, you'll remember the only reason we were able to get a $400 Dyson was because we had received so many Lowe's gift cards the previous xmas. Now is not the time to have to make any large purchases, especially since I'm still not working!

I was really feeling awful, it was my crochet headband that I unknowingly vacuumed up and the next time I went to vacuum, I noticed the suction was weak and then it just powered off. I moved outlets a couple times, nothing! Jory started tinkering and found the headband had clogged the vacuum and I must have burned out the motor.

So I finally got on the Dyson website today looking at that warranty info, assuming the commercials about there being a lifetime guarantee had fine print that says something to the effect of..."We will replace your Dyson vacuum no questions asked, unless of course your distracted wife vacuums up her crochet headband that shouldn't have been hiding under the fucking ottoman.

But instead I went to the support link and followed the instructions on what to do if your Dyson powers off by itself and apparently the smart motherfuckers at Dyson built in a safety system that stops the machine if it's beginning to overheat, mostly caused by blockage or dirty filter. It says to wait an hour, check for blockage and clean filter then plug it in.

It's been over two weeks and we had already cleared the blockage so I walked in the living room, told Jory there was a chance the Dyson might actually be ok, plugged in the vacuum and held my breath. I counted to three and hit the power button and our Smart-ass vacuum powered the fuck on! FUCK YA!

I did what Jory called a chimp dance to celebrate then vacuumed the office and hallway grinning from ear to ear.

People, if you need a vacuum, by a freakin' Dyson! They rule, you really can't break them. We've had ours for almost 3 years now and this was our first problem. It wasn't the Dyson's fault I vacuumed my crochet headband, but the Dyson saved us by being super smart. And no the people at Dyson have not paid me to endorse their product, but they can, or send me their Handheld animal, no not of the furry sort, their handheld pet hair vacuum!

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