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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blah on Blogging

It's 3:07 AM, I'm awake because of a stupid little spider that I saw on the wall above my bed. I sat up, went to grab a tissue and not four steps towards the bathroom, Jory says it fell. SHIT. I go grab the toilet paper anyway, assuming I'll find the sucker on the floor, but no. The spider is MIA. Just the action you want right before you attempt to beat your insomnia again by helplessly laying in bed for hours waiting for your train-wreck brain to shut off.

I guess the spider isn't the sole reason I'm awake, but it's what got me out of bed. I figured, why fight it? When the spiders crawling in my curly hair, interior designing their perfect home inside one of my curls was already starting to make me itch everywhere. Fuck it. I got out of bed and came in here, the office. I haven't blogged anything of real substance for months. Why not entertain the 5 or so readers I currently have because I was forced to go private? 

Hello my 5 readers! Thanks for sticking around! Seriously. I'm sorry for not writing lately. What's to say really? I'm still looking for a job. Depressed that if I don't get any call backs this next week, I'm going to have to hit the pavement and start begging. No, not begging for change. Begging for whatever job I can get. It sucks having to apply for jobs I was doing 12 years ago. It's embarrassing to have built the "career" I had and having to take a million steps backwards just to bring a paycheck home.

I have however started receiving orders for my crochet animals. My first order for "Monkey" is already completed, shipped and received! It's crazy how attached I get to each animal I make. I don't know if it's just the time I put into them or the personality they take on, but it sure was hard to wrap him up in a box and send him off to his new adventure.  I'm currently on my second order for three "Aysa" Bunnies. And hopefully I have a third order for Elephant "Jack" and Giraffe!

It would be awesome if I could make and sell enough crochet animals to pay my bills, but I physically can't do it. I thought I could make one per week, but I haven't been able to devote the amount of time necessary to do so and physically my hands won't allow me to crochet for even a few hours every single day. I have to take a day off here and there otherwise my Carpel Tunnel will stop me crocheting all together.

In other news. My Sister Wife Keara and her amazing boyfriend Andy have officially moved into their new house in Utera, Spain. I got the grand tour via Skype, it's gorgeous! She said they were told most people speak at least a little English over there, however they have learned the opposite. No one speaks English but they successfully ordered two ham sandwiches and two Pepsi's their first night out on the town, phew!

They do have some news to share, which I have been given permission to pass on. As predicted by ME, they are officially engaged to be married! CONGRATULATIONS Keara & Andy! Love you both! I'm happy to welcome my new Brother Husband into our family ;)

In other Friend news, Todd and Darby who we have been close neighbors with twice in the past, have now joined us again here in Arizona! They had moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL back when we moved into the first house we built in Nibley(Logan), Utah. REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD! Now that Keara's in another country, it's nice to have friends again to help me get Jory out of the house! I've already taken them to the big Mesa Swap meet(which is currently half empty) and we all went out to Mill Avenue to window shop, people watch and eat Greek. Hopefully they'll both find jobs soon, so they won't hate us for talking them into moving here.

As far as the legal drama, I have no update. Our lawyer has told us no news in good news and it's hard to decide if a phone call to him for an update is worth $250.00-ish it would cost. We also haven't heard from the ex's, which is always nice. It's all we ever wanted! But then again, now that the blog is private, they don't really have access to contact us.

That's all I've got for now.  Peace out!'s 4:21 AM. That's what happens when I decide to multitask and upload photos to link to ;)

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Tom said...

Joey, what you need to do is design some cool crochet thingys and then hire some people to crank out your creations. All big things start small! It'll be the next "Beanie Babies"! Simply call them "Joeys"! perfect! This is going to sweep the nation!*

*For more information on this and other exciting business ventures, send $150 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to me.

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