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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jack's 3rd Angelversary

What a day it has been little Jack. Today on your Angelversary, you got to meet your Great GranDan. I guess your GranSandy's dream was really telling. She sent me a message yesterday that she dreamed that her uncle Jack was holding you and both of you were calling your Great GranDan to come home. That he did. GranSandy called us this afternoon to tell us that your Great GranDan passed away today. I imagined you right there in front to greet him. It makes me smile to think how excited he must have been to meet his Great Grandson in the stars. If you have to share your Angelversary with anyone, I think it's perfect to have been your Great GranDan.
We love and miss you both on this very sad sad day.

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