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Thursday, November 26, 2009


One year ago today was the last time I talked to my dad. He was up at the cabin alone, really appreciating life for the first time. He was so happy to have the winter off work and was planning on coming to see me for xmas. He told me he loved me and how proud he was of me. I told him I loved him and was excited to see him soon. I didn't know it was the last time I would hear his voice. I love him and miss him so much! Happy Thanksgiving Dad & Jack!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Video of the elephant

The noises were coming from the kids standing next to me, not the elephant.

A Day at the Phoenix Zoo

Friday night Darby asked if I wanted to join her and Todd at the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday. Since Keara and I failed to go while she was still here, I figured it would make for a fun day.

When we arrived I noticed the water out front and remembered Keara telling me how a lot of people who can't or don't want to care for their pet turtles anymore, bring them to the zoo and put them in the water. Occasionally the turtle population gets out of control and it's left to the zookeepers to handle. So when we went over the bridge to enter the zoo, I wasn't surprised to see all the turtles on the logs. It was Turtle Heaven!

I thought these guys were really cute. Not scare of humans at all. We literally could have reached out and touched this one. He was super interested in what I was doing. He reminded me of Jimi, sitting all Teddy Bear style.

Fatty McFatterson sat and ate the entire time we were watching them. Look at his belly!

This is when I regretted not renting a bike. It didn't feel as steep as it looked, but there was a point when I really wanted to hijack a lady's Rascal Scooter! I don't know why the zoo doesn't rent Segways, they would make tons of money!

This is Arizona's first Governor, George W. P. Hunt's Pyramid Tomb located in Papago Park, overlooking the zoo.

Sleeping Tiger Hidden Dragon?

Apparently it was nap time at the zoo. The Lion and his Lioness were having a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Mazzy & Jimi sleep like this all the time!

The Rose Garden smelled Awesome! I could have sat there all day!

Pink Flamingos for Gary!

WARNING...Zebra Junk in the next photo!
I'm working on a Modesty Patch, but wanted to get the photos posted so Keara would stop yelling at me. ;)
Proceed at your own risk!

Elderphants! Elderphants!
I L O V E's not just that they symbolize Jack for me, but they are also a symbol of wisdom and  fertility. I took some video of this one swaying back and forth. At first I thought "oh how cute, it's dancing", but as I've just read, it's not dancing. Only elephants in captive sway back and forth, it's thought to be symptomatic of stress disorders, and probably made worse by a barren environment, rocking behavior may be a precursor to aggressive behavior in captive elephants! Poor Elderphants!

The Orangutans were the hit of the zoo! The baby girl is 3 years old. We never made it passed the crowd to the front so I could get some real good photos. I just held my hand up above my head and starting taking random pictures. I never imagined I would have caught these three!

To prove we actually went to the zoo....Here's Darby and Todd.

I was there too...see!

Monkey Island

Monkey Village was my favorite part! You actually get to go inside the habitat where the Spider Monkeys could actually jump on you if they wanted to! They moved so fast I'm surprised I got any good pictures.

This one was right above my head, I think he might have been deciding whether or not to jump on me!

After Monkey Village, my Miami Blister from HELL returned with a Vengeance and I was in so much pain, I couldn't enjoy myself any longer. I split off from Todd and Darby and headed for the exit. At the pace I was walking on my heels, I knew they could enjoy the rest of the zoo while I limped my way to the car.

Overall it was a great time! I wish I could cut my feet off and buys some new ones because it's really impeding on my good times! But before I go SAW on myself, I will find some good walking shoes and leave the flip flops for shorter walks.

I took this picture today, after I did surgery on both quarter size blisters! Walking my mile to work tomorrow is going to SUCK ASS!

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