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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trying to catch you all up!

Sheesh I make my blog private and I stop blogging. What's the point? Only five people have checked it since I went private. I used to blog for me, but was excited and enthralled to have so many readers! Everyone knows I went private until our court case gets reason to give the EX ASSHOLES any ammo, even if it is just my personal feelings, my depression or worse off anything to do with Jack. To be honest, I don't think it has everything to do with lack of readers. Going five months without a job was killing me. Bills to be paid and the money was running out! Writing about it was only going to stress me out further. Sitting around my house, glued to my computer searching for a job that just wasn't out there didn't provide me with a lot to write about.

I did finally give up on finding anything in IS/IT Support and started searching for customer service, which felt like failure. I don't know if I'm alone feeling like I just stepped back 12 years. Everything I worked for, all the experience flushed down the toilet! THEN getting YOU SUCK letters from measly customer service jobs, what a shot to the ego! Then came along my current job.

I'm working for a Health Care company in Scottsdale. Thankfully I make more then all of the other customer service jobs that were hiring, but still, it was a HUGE pay cut! The people are all really nice, what a change from the last place! It could totally change once I'm out of training, but so far, the high school bull shit doesn't exist that I've noticed. Or it isn't as blatant as my former company...seriously Night and Day!

I am continuing to look for a job back in my field, only because I found out the first day that we can't apply for another department or position for A YEAR! AND there is no promise of an IT job even opening after a year! I'd love to stay with this company at least from what I've seen so far, but I just can't do customer service for a whole year.

Adjusting to the butt crack of dawn schedule has been a struggle. I don't know that I will ever adjust being the night owl that I am. It has helped my insomnia quite a bit though. By the time I finally go to bed, I'm out once my head hits the pillow. Although I don't normally get anywhere near to 8 hours of sleep so I zombie through my day at work. That won't work once I'm out of training, this job isn't like other customer service positions, we're dealing with people's health care and we know how passionate we all get with our health care! I can't even understand my own benefits, now I have to explain them to others.

Enough about work, lets get to the fun stuff....LIKE Keara coming home! YAY My Keara is HOME!!! That totally deserves three exclamation points people! I found out no too long ago that she'd be coming home for a bit and since then I've been dying of anticipation! Then as the day came closer and she was packing, I asked her what airline she was flying in on so I could greet her at the airport and she noticed something funny with her was missing her flight from Seville to Madrid. THANK GAWD I asked her about it...she didn't have a printer so she was just going to wait until she got to the airport to check in and print her boarding pass. Come to find out, her flights had been cancelled because she booked it through Orbitz and you can't book flights starting out outside the USA, so she booked a round trip(it was cheaper then one way) from Phx to Spain and obviously returning Spain to Phx...but was only going to use the returning part of the tickets. Ya, I guess that's a No, even though she's done it before, just used the starting out part of the tickets.

ANYWAY...(I know this is SO exciting right?) So an additional $700ish later, she book a new flight and arrived safely on my Birthday. The BEST birthday present EVER! After picking her up at the airport and letting her freshen up at her mom's house, we went and picked Jory up and went out to eat at Famous Daves, SCRUMPTIOUS!

Since then, we've been inseparable. I'm sure Jory's enjoying the extra estrogen in the house he he ;) She picked up with her wifely duties immediately...NOT those duties, you dirrrty perves. You all need a Keara in your lives, she helps me with dishes, brings over chicken noodle soup for our sickly husband, jumps up before you can and feeds the dogs when Jimi lets us know their dish is empty, CLEANS YOUR HOUSE WHILE YOU'RE AT WORK(this just happened Thursday!) and much much more.

I'm trying to soak up all the Keara I can right now, since she'll be heading back to Spain next year. I know it's a YEAR a way, well not quite a year but I truly appreciate my Keara, she's a life saver.

I've been really lucky to have great girlfriends in life, let alone keep them for so many years. Keara came into my life when I needed her most. She was the first friend I told about my pregnancy symptoms, she was the first person I called when Jory and I saw "PREGNANT" on the test. She was there with me for every step of exciting baby shopping and ultrasound pictures. And most importantly, she was there for us when Jack was born and died too soon. She cried with us and made us laugh. She watched hours and hours of mind numbing TV with us while we learned how to breath again. She knows when I'm faking it and need her to acknowledge how much life sucks.

Since this blog is private and only Keara and I read it, I guess it's ok to announce some really awesome news! Are you ready for it? Seriously, Are You READY? LOL I'm entertaining and boring myself at the same time here...I've lost my touch, this blog sucks, you should just move on.

I guess you'll have to check back later for the AWESOME NEWS! he he This will prove only Keara and I visit my blog ;) I'm so mean.

Peace Out


Keara said...

Why do you have to tell the world such lies about me? huh? I told you it wasn't me, Jimmie and Mazzy cleaned the house. I just sat around catching up on True blood.

To be perfectly honest you are the company you keep, so if you say such nice things about me its only a reflection of what amazing friends you and Jory have been. How wonderfully awesome the two of you are. I just try to hold my own with you guys. I love you guys.

And I'm sure there are more readers then just you and I. Tell them already! If you tease them like this you will have to blog more often. They'll be back to check again and again and you won't write again for a month, not cool my friend, not cool at all.

smcisales said...

WHAT IS YOUR NEWS!!!!!???????? I have not checked your blog because it shows up on facebook when you do post something. Hurry and tell us.

Joey said...

Awe tenderoni sister wife! I love you!

I know, I know...I promise to get back to blogging now that I'm sort of out training...on the phones. I can at least write blogs in between calls.

Janice said...

WHATEVER!!!! I want to know who is in your 5. AAAAnnd, I want to know the secret. Your are a piece of work my dear. And, I just happen to know, you are good at customer service. I'm glad this job is working out for now. Now HURRY UP!

lolsalve said...

Joey: It really is nice to have you bloging again...
Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday May 2010 be a whole lot better than 2009.. Love ya Auntie L.

MisterJ said...

Now I'm left in anticipation!

Joey's Mom said...

I read your blog. I love to read your stuff, you don't seem quite so far away...Love you

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