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Saturday, July 03, 2010

How Would You Do It?

Friday, July 2, 2010 NaBloPoMo's writing prompt:

Take a random book, open it to a random page, and then post the passage that begins at the top left. If you want to go further, tell us if the passage you posted sheds any light on your life at present.
The closest book to me was Night Falls Fast understanding suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison. Random page 144:
"Publicity given to particular ways and places of suicide can certainly have a bearing on the methods chosen by vulnerable individuals. Alary seeds, from the yellow oleander plant, were unknown as a means of suicide in Sri Lanka before 1983. Newspaper coverage and a south Indian film broadcasting their use, coupled with easy public access to the plants, increased by orders of magnitude the number of poisonings in subsequent years. Similarly, press coverage of the terrible deadliness of the herbicide paraquat, noting that it took only a single mouthful to kill, greatly increased its use as a means of suicide in Fiji. An Indian film gave parallel prominence to a waterfall at Hogenakal in south India, as did television and newspaper publicity to suicides from high-rise apartment buildings at Takashimadaira, near Tokyo, and fatal jumps from multistory car parks in Australia."
I could have cheated and picked a better passage, but I chose to follow the directions and it ends up being partly boring. Of course suicide is Not at all a boring subject, there just were a million other passages in that book I'd rather share.
I don't even remember buying the book, not sure of where it actually came from and how it ended up on my desk, seriously! I haven't read it all the way through yet, I've picked it up a few times when I was bored and read a chapter here or there, and have always had the same thought....Where did this book come from? It very well could have been an impulse buy at Barnes and Noble, one of those On Sale $4.99 you see near the check-out stands. I honestly don't remember.
Without revealing too much by choice(for now), I'm going to keep this fairly light and give it a fun spin. So here's what I want to know....If you were in another dimension(I'm giving you this cover, so we don't have to know whether you've really thought about it or would and have never thought about it, so Everyone can feel free to answer)...OK so If you were in another dimension and depressed enough or forced(it's another dimension, crazy shit happens in other dimensions!) to kill yourself...How Would You Do It? (comment please)
OK, So I'll go first...Jory and I were talking about this recently because our neighbor down the street drove to a lake nearby, climbed an electrical tower and hung himself with coax cable. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned and when he jumped or let go, his body hit the electrical tower and he was electrocuted, leaving him with 3rd degree burns over 75% of his body! As horrible as that is, it's Not a big deal to a dead guy, BUT he didn't die! The cops found him within 2-4 hours of his attempt and rushed him to the hospital. His brain-dead level was a 3, meaning he was displaying nerve response but otherwise, he was gone. The family was forced with the decision to pull the plug. Super Sad Story...he left a beautiful 2 year old daughter behind.
Now that I've put that disturbing picture in your mind, I'll move on to How I Would Do It if I lived in that other dimension that's totally fake which makes it easy to tell the world...
Until my conversation with Jory, I always figured taking a mixed bottle of sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, pain killers and anti nausea followed by a strong alcoholic beverage to help the sleepy sandman take over quicker was the most pain-free, die in your sleep, way to go. But after getting Edjamacated by Mr. Johnson, turns out its not so pain-free, drift away while in LaLa Land that I thought. Most victims experience seizure activity, Tachycardia, Diaphoresis aka excessive sweating and Coma if you're lucky. If you and Lady Luck are not friends, you typically suffocate on your own vomit. DROWNING in your own VOMIT! No Thanks!
I haven't come up with another idea....but know how I wouldn't do it but I don't want to deter anyone from sharing with ideas from ANOTHER DEMENSION......SO Come On Peeps....get creative, tell me How You Would Do it!


Jory Dan Johnson said...

Wow, I hope everyone realizes that hanging and pill popping are not such a fun way to go. Decapitation, on the other hand, provides some expressive possibilities, and if you can manage it, someone may find a headless body (or vice versa), which could be comical.

Joey said...

MisterJ posted his comment on the wrong post so I've moved it for him....

MisterJ said...
I'd want to find some way that I'd enjoy. Like stuffing myself with mashed potatoes and gravy until I died.

Actually, that would probably suck, because you'd feel sick and all.

Victoria said...

UGH! Okay, so I always thought a mixed cocktail of pills would be ideal as well... guess not. Maybe now I'll have to opt for wrist cutting in a warm bath. Not that any method sounds appealing . . . but then again, maybe in this alternate dimension there are all sorts of different ways to kill yourself that we don't even know about!

Domster said...

Heroin overdose. Since I have never done heroin and never plan to, in my other dimension I guess it would be a bit easier than pills and all the puking and seizuring I think? I guess I have never looked into what happens during a heroin OD. If not as easy as the pill thing, at least I would be way too high to remember it before I went out.

Tom said...

nope, too close to home. i suggest a happier topic: how would you kill Ann Coulter given the chance?

Jory Dan Johnson said...

Anne Coulter...hmmmm, still have to go with decapitation, again, the comedic possibilities with a headless body (or bodiless head) are just too much for any other method to overcome.

Tiff said...

Drowning in the ocean. Enough said.

Joey said...

YAY! Thanks for all the comments, I got one via email but I don't see it here, drowning in the ocean...which has always been one of my biggest fears! I'll give it another couple days then give you my follow up on all the methods, unless I lose interest and forget.

I hear ya Tom, fun posts coming, well no promises, but I'll try!

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