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Thursday, July 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo...a Goal

In order to get back to blogging regularly even though I'm still private (STILL waiting for a court date with the EX stepmonster who's still fighting for my dad's money), I decided to use NaBloPoMo as my support.

I've spent the last year or at least 6 months trying to figure out why I stopped blogging or at least write about why I stopped and I guess it's because I can't go there mentally yet. There's no doubt it has very much to do with the adoption failing and a little bit, the lack of motivation since I went private. It's hard to go from seeing 5,000+ hits per month down to less then 10 and now of course maybe 1. That shouldn't stop me, that shouldn't be my motivation, but honestly it did effect me.

But before we get in too deep, I'm going to start this month off with my favorite subject, my husband, bestfriend, LoveR and partner in crime, Jory Dan. I told him I was going to start blogging again and he kindly gave me my first post.

You've all heard of the Urban Dictionary right? If you haven't it means you're not on Facebook or still doing your best to move around on Facebook to see what your kids and grand kids are up to. You're most likely over 50 and often call your son or daughter for help on how to download pictures or burn a CD. BUT ANYWAY....

Jory comes in the office a few minutes ago tells me to look up "Jory" on the Urban Dictionary and SWEARS he didn't write any of them! Apparently most all Jorys are alike. Enjoy!

  • An ironic person that is random most of the time. A Jory is funny, gorgeous, caring, mischevious and have a dirty mind. Jorys are a rare find, if you ever even find one, you are one of the luckiest people. Don't ever treat a Jory badly, or else you'll be six feet under.
         "Wow, you're so lucky to have a Jory... I wish I had one."
          by clinkclinkclink Mar 30, 2008

  • The most amazing boy in the entire world. Someone that no one that you can't help, but to love to death. He will always be my best friend. I love him.
          Jory, I love you, you are the best
          by Smerica Nov 20, 2008
  • A unique and amazing man. Jory is way above average intellegence. He is determined and successful. A Jory is helpful and understanding. If you need someone to talk to, he is there to listen and is willing to talk about anything. he loves a good debate. He is good looking but has no idea. A Jory is an expert in bed and makes women orgasm like you've never experienced before. He is loyal and honest.
          Jory makes one happy.
          Girl #1: I'm dating Jory.          
          Girl #2: What? I'm so jealous! Jory is amazing!
          Girl #1: Yea, he really is :)
          by CookieMonster109 Feb 3, 2010

  • Eating a double cheeseburger off your partner's ass while hitting it doggy style.
          Joseph, "Man you look exhausted, you hungry? 
          Fernando, "Nah, me and my girl just pulled a jory!!"
          Joseph, "Shit yeah"
          by Scott R. May 9, 2006

My Jory and I after a folf game in Fountain Hills, AZ in December 2009.

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MisterJ said...

I really like that picture.

Yeah, I've thought about going public with my blog.

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