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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goldfield, AZ Photography

I know two days in a row, what's gotten into me?

So I twittered a picture of Goldfield, AZ back in April with the comment, "Don't waste your time." I'm not changing my mind, it's definitely a waste of time, but I did manage to take a few pictures I don't hate and wanted to share them with you.

My parents were in town to spend time with me before my surgery, you know just in case I died on the table. Seriously, my Mom said this. She gets her sense of humor from me. LOL I left work early because I was feeling the cancer pains again but magically the car ride home cured me. No really, my doctor said the vibrations of the car very well could have adjusted the cysts which resolved the pain. SO anyway, there we were sitting around doing nothing, when GHOST TOWN popped in my head. I had seen this place on my way to Canyon Lake and well, I love Ghosts and I thought I could get a few good photos. Plus I knew my dad loves history and old west stuff, so I took them to Goldfield, about 7 minutes from my house. We spent $8/each? for the train ride, walked around town and left with a few packs of Candy Cigarettes!

 And no, those aren't my parents in front of Peterson's Mercantile, the name is just ironic and those people are so Tourist-ey! OHMYGAWD...that could totally be me and Jory in 20 years! HA HA!

The End

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