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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doggy Vlogging!

Vlog #20

Fun fact about the video you are about to see. The TOY that Jory is teasing Jimi with is literally Jimi's BFF! She has several of these "hot dog" type Petsmart toys, but this CRAPmas-ey one, is her very FAVORITE!(Thank You GranSandy!) She sleeps with him, spends at least 15 minutes of every day walking around the couch(ONE MILLION times) and in and out of the office with BestFriend in her mouth, trying to outwit us with a new and secret hiding place for him. If she accidentally leaves him in our bedroom, she will cry, whimper and bark until we open the door so she can go in and save BestFriend from the Scary Bedroom Monsters! Mazzy however, has absolutely no interest in any dog toys. PS Wait for the end when you see our first "Doggy Vlogging" test shoot.

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