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Friday, July 01, 2011

"Jory...I think you need to take me to the hospital."

After a hellaciously HOT and Sweaty day of No Power due to the Mesa SRP Transformer explosion, last night only got worse.

Our power was restored shortly after 7pm (5 hours without power) and I was starving and didn't want to heat up our house even more by cooking so I went to Famous Daves to pick up dinner. I ate my favorite, the Cajun Chicken sandwich with no bun and corn on the cob. About 45 minutes after dinner I took some of my vitamins and Jory went to bed because he had to wake up at 4 am for work. I started to feel like my bra was getting tight and I was struggling to breath. This same thing happened the 2nd day of loading for my round 2 on my HCG VLCD, I was driving home from picking up fatty foods to eat and I thought I was having a heart attack. That episode didn't last very long though, maybe 30 minutes, so I figured this was the same thing and it would go away soon. I did my best to get comfortable but the pain and constricting moved to my back and shoulders. I eventually laid on my stomach on the couch and it seemed to lessen the pain. I even fell asleep shortly but because I was laying in such an awkward position, my right shoulder was killing me so I got up. Thinking I was feeling better I went out to smoke and I did feel semi-ok. But when I came back inside and sat on the couch, the pain came back 10-fold! This time I couldn't find a comfortable position, sitting, laying or standing. I didn't know what was going on, was this a heart attack? Was this really bad indigestion or heart burn? Should I take a Vicodin for the pain? Would that kill me if this is a heart attack or something to do with my heart? I looked for heart burn/acid reflux pills but couldn't find any. I started getting really scared because it had been 2 hours already.

•Rapid weight loss diets significantly increase the risk for gallstones• SUPER AWESOME!

•Steady, severe pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 30 minutes to several hours
•Pain in the back between the shoulder blades
•Pain under the right shoulder
•Recurring intolerance of fatty foods
The following symptoms are indication that you should seek immediate medical attention:

When it got to the point I was struggling to breath, was sweating and had the chills, couldn't sit, stand or lay down to get comfortable, I finally decided I might need to go to the hospital. I walked in the bedroom (at midnight) climbed on the bed next to Jory, the fan was on and it felt good so I moved around to see if I could get comfortable, NOPE.

He moved his face in my direction and made a noise so I knew he was a little awake.
"I think you need to take me to the hospital"
What? Are you serious?
"Yes, I'm sorry"
He jumped up, heart attack induced. What's wrong?
"I don't know, everything from the waist up hurts, mostly my back and I can't breath or get comfortable." I began to roll around on the bed, trying different positions with pillows because the pain at this point was nearing unbearable. How the hell was I going to stand the car ride to Banner Desert 20 minutes away? I rolled one more time on my left side with a pillow under my torso, a strange position to see I'm sure.
Jory walks from the closet to the bathroom. How long have you been feeling this way?
"About 2 hours now." Within a few minutes of saying this and finding that awkward position on my left side, it's as if someone flipped a switch and the pain was gone. But I didn't know if it would come back so I didn't dare move and continued to let Jory get dressed.

When he was all ready to go, he came in and started asking me more detailed questions, when it started, how it started, what if felt like because it sounded like the same pains he experienced with his gallstones. As I explained what happened and how I was feeling I realized the pain wasn't coming back and I didn't want to move. Feeling horrible that I woke him up and scared him to death I was embarrassed to tell him I didn't think we still needed to go to the hospital.

While deciding what to do and not wanting to waste Jory's sleeping time, he had to get ready for work in 4 hours, I changed positions. The pain never came back, my right shoulder still hurt but was more of an ache. Jory told me more about his gallbladder pains and how most likely that is what I experienced.  So we decided not to go to the hospital, instead I'd call my doctor in the morning and see if I can get in to see him and unfortunately probably have to get my gallbladder out.

This morning I started researching gallstones and gallbladders and found the symptoms above but more importantly:

"The most common serious side effect seen with VeryLowCalorieDiets is gallstone formation. Gallstones, which frequently develop in obese people (especially women), are even more common during rapid weight loss. The reason for this may be that rapid weight loss appears to decrease the gallbladder's ability to contract bile. But, it is unclear whether VLCDs directly cause gallstones or whether the amount of weight loss is responsible for the formation of gallstones."

After researching all this, I found out I had a Gallbladder Attack However, I may not have to get my gallbladder out! I might just need to take a pill, Actigall or simply avoid fatty foods, which I'm doing anyway. I believe it was the fried onion strings on my chicken that caused this gallbladder attack.

I left a voicemail for my doctor, I'm already set to do blood tests next week, so I'm going to ask him to add the gallstone blood test to it and then when I see him the next week, if he wants to check with his ultrasound machine, that would be kool. But I would hope and prefer not to get my gallbladder out. From all those in my family that had theirs out (all in the same damn year) I've heard they've continued to have issues after eating now, so what's the point?

YES, I realize I just WebMD Diagnosed myself and I won't know For Sure what happened until I confirm it with my doctor, but I've never WebMD Diagnosed myself wrong before, SO...

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