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Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 International Kindness Project Day!

"To help one person is to help the world." -- Joanne Cacciatore

Today, July 27th is International Kindness Project Day started by the MISS Foundation. What is that...You ask? 

It's a Kindness Revolution! Everyone is invited to participate with us, doing simple acts of kindness in the memory of a loved one or if you're lucky enough not to have one, feel free to do it in Jack's name! This is something we as bereaved parents do often in memory of our kids who have died. 

JOIN the KINDNESS Revolution!
My very first Random Act of Kindness was very simple. I went through the Wendy's drive-thru expecting to buy a $5 gift card or certificate but they didn't have them anymore. I had several cars in front of me so I was near the ordering menu for about 15 minutes. I was feeling kind of silly, since this wasn't going as planned. While I sat there with my window down, there was delivery guy hauling food in and out of the back door. He had his son with him, he looked about 4 or 5 years old who was playing around the bushes. When the delivery guy was finished he grabbed his crates and said, "Come on Jack, time to go." I started crying, it was confirmation that Jack was with me and I would do this Act of Kindness no matter how silly or embarrassed I was. When I finally got to the window, I handed the girl a $5 bill and asked her to put my $5 towards the guy's order behind me. She looked at me funny and asked, "What?" I told her that I was doing a Random Act of Kindness in memory of my son Jack and I wanted to donate $5 to the order for the guy behind me in line. She still looked a little confused but took the $5 and the Kindness Card that said, "This Random Act of Kindness...Done in Loving Memory of Jack Kendrick Johnson. As I drove away I saw her hand the card to the man and "explain" what I had done. Driving through the parking lot my tears were blinding me and I had to pull over but I didn't want the guy to follow me so I wiped them away with my shirt and headed home. My heart was so heavy with love for Jack, my tears were full of pain and sorrow, but I felt so good because I knew Jack was with me at that moment. 

Two years ago I started donating Jackpacks, backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need. The first year I donated 5 backpacks to 5 kindergartners who were living at one of A New Leaf's domestic abuse homeless shelters in Phoenix, AZ. Jack was turning 5 that August and would've started kindergarten.

2011 International Kindness Project Day

Last year to honor Jack's 6th birthday, I donated 6 backpacks filled with supplies to 6 homeless first graders at A New Leaf in Mesa.

2012 International Kindness Project Day

I was only able to do this because of the kindness of our friends and family who made donations. We are still in the same predicament this year, I'm STILL unemployed and SURPRISE I'm pregnant with Jack's little brother! I am determined to make this an annual donation for Jack's Birthday and Kindness Day regardless of our situation, we WILL make this work!

So here we go again peeps...

It's Jackpack Time!

So as I said, we can't afford 7 backpacks filled with supplies, but we can afford at least two. One will be picked out just as if it were for Jack and we will fill it with all the supplies and probably some extras. The second will be picked out by Dragon, Jack's lil bro, via ME since he's still in my tummy!

The other 5 backpacks is where I NEED YOU! So my dearest Friends and Family....would you be willing to help me with this Kindness project for Kindness Day as well as Jack's 7th Birthday coming August 31? As I did last year I will photograph everything I purchase so you can see what your donations are going towards.

(This was our special Jackpack, picked out and bought as we would have if Jack were here)

Second Grade Supply List

1 Backpack (Found them for $10 at Walmart!!!)

(the rest of the list coming soon!)

Normally I'm done with my project on International Kindness Day, TODAY,  but because this year has been CRAZY for us and I've been on bedrest with our little guy, I'm running behind. I'm starting my Kindness Project today and want to deliver the Jackpacks before school starts for these special 2nd graders which I've hear is around mid August for Provo and Pleasant Grove. 

If you would like to DONATE my PayPal DONATE button is on the right of the page Or CLICK HERE! Or now that we're back in UTAH, I can drive around collecting donations whether that's cash or supplies!

THANK YOU ALL in advance for whatever you are able to do to help me honor Jack for his 7th Birthday!

Donate for My Kindness Project to Honor Jack!