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Saturday, August 24, 2013

24 weeks!

24 weeks pregnant! As hopeful and positive as I've tried to convince myself to be, I honestly never ever thought in my life since having Jack, I'd be here! Because it's unbelievable to me, I have to say it again: I'm 24 weeks Pregnant with my SECOND amazing little miracle, and Dragon is officially viable(according to the docs), he's been viable in my eyes since I saw TWO GIANT lines on the stick back in New Zealand! Technically, Viability means the doctors will do whatever they can to help him live, if I go into preterm labor like I did with Jack. This is a HUGE Relief to a mama like me! Just typing that last sentence brings tears to my eyes because Jack didn't get help. A couple weeks completely changes the game. I am indescribably excited, happy, joyous, overwhelmed with love and luck and SO honored to be growing this Awesome little man who is already so much like his Daddy Jory Dan Johnson! We've never been able to get a good profile during ultrasounds because he's already learned "No Press"(like his dad), by turning his head away or putting his arm up in the way. This week he leaned his head WAY back to avoid a picture!

I'm convinced he's trying to get to my boobs from the inside because he's all up in my lungs! I wasn't surprised at all when the doctor told me he had flipped breech because it's easier to get a Feelski(like his dad) with his hands then his feet! He's extremely strong(like his dad) because with an Anterior Placenta I shouldn't be feeling much but after his LONG naps(like his dad) he likes to make his presence known with huge kicks to my cervix and punches towards my lungs(BOOBIES), of course it's just when I'm getting up to do something whether cook, clean, unpack another box or go to the bathroom(his daddy LOVES to "give me attention" when I'm in the middle of something). LOL Of course I continue to lay there and feel my little Dragon beat me up because I truly can't get enough!!! I can't wait to be able to feel it on the outside so Jory can experience the beatings too! ;-)

And for you fact and stat lovers: Dragon is 1.5 lbs and his heart rate was 150. Oh and I almost forgot, his head is still measuring ahead of his body(big head like his dad) and he's still looking 100% healthy!
Even though I often complain about the lack of sleep due to restless leg syndrome, not being able to get comfortable, being hungry or too full, having terrifyingly real nightmares or the random heartburn, acid reflux/indigestion, swollen feet and ankles, carpel tunnel, non stop cold sores and getting so fat after working my ass off to lose the weight and get healthy....I'm human and I'm an out loud kind of person. I share my life(well most of it) with the world because it's therapeutic to me. Complaining about pregnancy's nasty side affects doesn't mean I'm not overjoyed with this entire experience! I'm simply sharing this experience. I don't want to forget a single moment! I would do it over and over again(if I could) even if I never ended up with a living child. Because every minute I'm pregnant, my child is very much alive and a part of my life and I cherish every second I get! I'm so in love with my boys Jack, Dragon and my main squeeze Jory, what more can a girl want? I'm SO lucky to have them! <3 p="">
HOLY SHIT! Only 12-16 weeks LEFT! Yet, I still can't believe this is actually happening. Is this Real Life? LOL

PS Love to all of you who constantly support me/us! You're like the cream cheese frosting on(and IN) the red velvet cake....Drool....What was I saying? OOOOOH Red Velvet Pancakes at IHOP...YUMMMM!

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juli109 said...

It is so amazing that you are having Jacks little brother! I am so happy for you guys. Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us. You really have a way with words that describe what you are going through. I appreciate that because I can't ever say, " I know what you're going through."
But I can hear you explain what it means for you. So in a way it has been therapy for me too.
I'm so glad to see updates, being anxious to see how Dragons progressing!

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