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Saturday, October 05, 2013

30 weeks!

30 weeks! HELLO....THIRTY WEEKS!?!?! Holy shittles! Dragon could be here in 6-10 weeks, that's insane! Is this real life? lol jk

Ok so changes in the last week, found out I have Gestational Diabetes or Do I? After reading all the info, I stupidly found out Bananas are high in carbs(I can't know everything!LOL) and I was told to eat breakfast but no carbs the morning of my Glucose test(I was thinking ok, No Kelloggs Special K cereal then). I ate a banana minutes before drinking the orange bottle of sugar, an hour before my test. Yesterday I had my appointment with the GD specialists at the hospital, they hooked me up with knowledge, my testing equipment and a plan of diet action. My levels yesterday and so far today are perfect. Where's my gold star? I even enjoyed 1/2 cup of my leftover shake last night as my before bed snack, thought for sure my morning test would be SUPER HIGH but nope, perfect. I'm going to be calling the GD people on Monday and see if I should retest. OH OH OH and I checked my weight this morning and I'm ALREADY down 4 lbs since Thursday!

But speaking of last night/this morning. So my Pregnancy/Joey insomnia has really hit it's peak. Yesterday I was too busy with appts and running around picking up prescriptions, I didn't nap. I still didn't go to bed until 4 am and like clockwork, I was awake at 8 am. Due to the rules of the GD diet, I didn't want to eat that early(like I normally would) so even though I was really hungry, I stayed in bed, read a little then watched some TV. After about 2 hours of being awake, I started getting sleepy so I turned over and passed out. I woke up FIVE hours later! WTF!?!?! No waking to pee just 5 awesome hours of straight sleep! I'm a new woman! Well ok not really, but damn it was great! Awe....

But back to most of you saw, I had an appt with my Peri at MFM and got to see our amazing little man, they did all of his measurements again, he's 3lbs 3oz and measuring 3 days ahead(last time he was measuring a week behind). We got ONE glimpse of his adorable face in 3D and thankfully she took the pic bc that was all he gave us, the HAND immediately went up telling us No Press! Little booger! He's head down, facing my right which is why I'm not feeling him as much but still through out the day(anterior placenta is more on my right). The last couple days he's been stretching his feet into my ribs and DAMN THE MAN that is SO not comfortable! LOL

I was a little bummed they didn't check my cervix length, it had been 5 weeks since we last checked. He said I'm far enough along that there's no reason to check it. I feel like if I was funneling or shortening then I could go on full bedrest and keep cooking as long as possible. I don't know, I think I'll press him again at my next appt on the 14th.

I've been having Braxton Hicks multiple times a day but only when I'm laying down on the couch, which is so bizarre...normally(from what I've read) people get them from being too active or too long on their feet. I'm on modified partial bedrest so I'm NEVER too active or too long on my feet. LOL They are getting stronger as the weeks continue but they don't hurt and I only have like 3-4 per day.
That's enough novel for now.
Love my Boys!

- Infertile yet Pregnant Mama Signing OUT

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juli109 said...

Wow! You are doing it, girl. What an achievement. His photo OP is so adorable! Yay 30 weeks. Glad you got some solid sleep. Glad the weight is better. Glad your sugar levels are good. Sucks to be uncomfortable. So its like,a mixed bag. Well more power to you. This is real life, pinch, pinch. How exciting!

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